Germain New Video “Dream World”

When an artist’s primary focus is to turn his thoughts into a reality, that means his creative flow is never-ending, and new ideas are constantly being translated into his music. Germain, a hip-hop artist hailing from Queens, NY, creates the message behind his music based not only on his personal experiences, but those around him as well to make it as relatable as possible.

He doesn’t beat around the bush with his lyrics; he is honest, upfront, and genuine. Making music with Germain begins with production. First, he gets a feel for the music, and based on the vibe he feels from it, he commences creating lyrics and a concept for the song.

“Dream World” adopts a heavy and honest approach to a real-life tragedy. Filmed in a cemetery in Long Island, Germain walks with a bottle of whiskey and gun in hand. He comes across what appears to be an overdosed ex-lover, or a figment of his imagination, as he sings, “She’s always in my dream world / So far from the real world.”

Flashbacks play of better times together on the beach, but they disappear as Germain succumbs to the grief of losing her. He sits against a tombstone with his two weapons in hand when the fabricated partner returns in a white dress and guides the gun to Germain’s head, in suicide position. The video ends with fingers on the trigger as he stares into the camera and sings, “So come to my existence, girl.” We’ll leave the ending up to your interpretation.