Indie-pop artist MARG is set to release a brand new track titled “Silent Roads” – her Second summer single that features soft, airy vocals spotlighted by the dark and moody emotions her sound possesses. Accompanying the release of the song is a music video.

“Silent Roads” is MARG’s second release following her debut album THE VOICES, an album that resonated well with her listeners, gathering a loyal fanbase. Her music came to be described as a smooth soulful sound with a dark pop feel, intriguing listeners with her captivating lyrics and catchy hooks.

Photo Credit: Margarita Landry

Now, “Silent Roads” proves to be an upswing in MARG’s growth as a musician as it sways and grooves effortlessly, driven by Piano and bass and blended with a soft elegant cadence. It’s a direction MARG see’s as a unique opportunity to showcase the emotions her sound possesses while maintaining her originality.

Said MARG: “Silent roads is one of my favorites off the album. It’s a big representation of my childhood when I grew up in South Carolina. Every line has a specific meaning and it’s such a nostalgic song for me.”