Making Coffee 101: The Best Flavour Combinations To Try

If you’re bored of the same coffee flavour you’re used to every day, it’s time to kick it up a notch and experience a wide array of coffee flavours. With a little creativity, you’ll come up with the taste of real gourmet coffee using the ingredients you can easily purchase commercially or find in your kitchen whether you love instant coffee, iced coffee, blended coffee, or any frozen coffee recipe.

In just as little as ten minutes, you can create scrumptiously cool and creamy coffee concoction.

Get to discover the different flavour combinations by continue reading below.

Strawberry Coffee

Once berry season comes, you can bursts strawberries on your taste buds with this coffee flavour combination recipe.

Here’s how:

Cut the strawberries into decent sizes.
Put the strawberries in the bottom of the cup.
Scoop strawberry ice cream and add it to the strawberries.
Add two spoons of strawberry syrup.
Prepare the coffee espresso at the press of a button.
Pour the espresso in the cup and decorate with some strawberries to complete the look.

Vanilla Almond Coffee Espresso

Almond and vanilla are the favorite flavorings in cookies, cakes, muffins, and chocolate bars. If you like to make your espresso coffee more exciting, experience making a vanilla almond coffee.

You just need to brew one pound of ground coffee and add two tablespoons of both vanilla and almond extract.

Butter Pecan Coffee

The combination of butter pecan flavor is easy to imagine on pies and ice creams. However, it’s also an amazing flavor for coffee drinks.

Just add butter pecan syrup (one ounce) on eight ounces of brewed coffee (preferably strong) to accomplish the desired flavour. You can also add milk if you wish your butter pecan coffee to have a creamy texture.

Lavender Latte

It is possible to make a lavender latte without fancy equipment. With homemade lavender syrup, your latte will have floral flavors. It’s the perfect coffee flavour combination for a relaxing morning.

If you’re a fan of making syrups for your coffee, try to make your own lavender syrup or buy one online, in grocery stores, or supermarkets.

Here’s how to make a lavender latte:

Create the foam for the lavender latte, by pouring the milk into a mason jar.
Next, warm up the milk in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
Place and screw the lid of the mason jar to prevent the milk from exploding.
Shake it until its foamy, but not that long so it won’t turn into butter.
Add lavender syrup to your cup of coffee.
Pour the latte and serve.

Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee

A popular choice of the best coffee flavours is chocolate and cherry.

Savor the chocolatey and cherry notes in your coffee by combining an ounce of cherry brandy and an ounce of chocolate liqueur in a glass. Pour over six ounces of hot coffee, and you’ll surely have a delicious chocolatey cherry coffee treat.

Complete the look of your chocolate cherry coffee by adding cherry and whipped cream on top.

Milk Cinnamon Coffee

Start making this coffee by mixing milk and cinnamon powder to a plain black coffee. It’s a simple, easy, and pleasurable way to enjoy coffee.

Just add two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and two tablespoons of nonfat milk to a cup of hot brewed coffee. It makes an exciting concoction that instantly captures your senses. Sprinkle some cinnamon on to add the perfect finishing touch.

Banana Chocolate Flavored Coffee Smoothie

You can drink coffee as a smoothie than a usual cup. Do you find yourself craving about trying a frozen chocolate-covered banana? If you do, then drinking a delicious chocolatey banana coffee smoothie is another source of excitement.

To make this coffee flavour combination, combine two frozen sliced bananas, four shots of cooled espresso, two teaspoons of cocoa powder, and about one and a half cups milk. Keep blending on high speed until the coffee becomes smooth.

Minty Chocolate Coffee

Experience the calming effect of peppermint by incorporating it to your favorite cup of coffee. Boil peppermint leaves and mix in coffee to make a minty chocolate coffee. Peppermint extract can also replace peppermint leaves, making it more convenient for you to serve such deliciously minty and chocolatey coffee.


Every coffee flavour combination is unique. You can make your recipe and surprise your family and friends.

Coffee is a universal drink, but making the best coffee requires skill and experience, so make the most out of your most precious coffee bean. Indeed, trying the best coffee flavours will make your day.