Trading Wings for Wheels—How to Get the Perfect Setup for Your Tour

There are many reasons to go on tour. You may be a tourist and want to tour a country. You may be in a band and want to go on a select number of tour dates across the country. You may want to promote a new novel at a number of different book stores. You may be a politician running for office that needs to constantly be on the road.

Whatever the case may be, a tour like anything else can be a success or a failure. Here are some things that can help set your tour up for success.

Choose the Right Tour Dates
The most important part of planning a tour is choosing the correct tour dates. If you are touring for fun, this will obviously be locations you really want to visit on dates open to you. For business, however, you need to consider where you’re likely to find the most supporters or customers at the right times. Planning tour dates can be a tricky process, but you must try to be strategic.

Choose the Right Vehicle
The traditional vehicle for touring is the bus. However, you have many other options. Many people tour the country on motorcycle. Smaller recreational vehicles may be a good substitute for a tour bus. You could even tour in a sports car if you’re able to pack lightly.
Choose the right vehicle based on your needs. Obviously, you will need a larger touring vehicle if you have a lot of gear like instruments or props for a stage show. You may also want to customize your touring vehicle. Look into finding a vinyl wrap manufacturer or a spinning wheel supplier.

Choose the Right Venues
Having certain cities and dates planned for your tour is one thing. However, do you have the right venues booked? Choosing the correct venue is harder than you may think. If you book a small venue, people may get angry waiting outside in a long line to get in. If you book a venue that’s too large for you, you may end up wasting a lot of money and embarrassing yourself with empty seats. Put a lot of thought and research into choosing the right venues.

Choose the Right Marketing
Lastly, people need to hear about a tour or they won’t show up. Every successful tour requires an effective marketing plan. Consider your options. There are print advertisements, billboards, internet advertisements, radio and more. Choose the option that will give you the most bang for your marketing dollar.

Touring can be a great way to spread your talent around the country. Alternatively, it can just be a lot of fun. However, if you want to make your tour a success, put a lot of research into planning it.