All You Need to Know about the Nitro Coffee Brew

All coffee enthusiasts are always on the lookout for what’s new in coffee. When coffee infused with nitrogen hit the markets, coffee mania must have gone up a few notches. You know that one person who craves the coffee flavor in their candy. Coffee in a can? Who would have thought?

It is supplied to contributors in kegs and is gaining quite a following in bars and restaurants. Offices have also decided to get in on the action and service it during the coffee break. Nitro Cold Brew is permeated with nitrogen gas, which is passed through a tiny holed pressurized valve. The cold coffee is forced through a disc at high pressure and comes out as a creamy drink that looks like a stout.

Coffee in the tap.

Nitro coffee comes straight from the tap and cascades into your cup. You could trick someone into believing that you are drinking Guinness from a cup! The one beautiful thing about it is that it is less acidic than the usual brew, thus making it very stomach friendly.

What You Need to Know

  1. The pouring.

The cup is placed flat on a tray and the brew cascades into it. This is done quite deliberately so that an excess of bubbles can be created. Bubbles are the fun part of nitro coffee.

Another fun bit is having it served in a pint glass like a beer. Then you can see the bubbles at play. It is also not served with ice. Ice would interfere with the smooth creamy finish that is desired.

  1. Low in Calories

Despite the creamy taste of the brew, coffee is very low in calorie count. Better yet, it has no sugar. It is perfect for those keen on keeping their calorie levels in check.

  1. No sugar

Aside from the health aspect that an unsweetened brew presents, nitro coffee is served without sugar in order to bring out the flavor. There is the special flavor that is brought out in the cold brew during the brewing process. If however you prefer it sweetened, there is a sweet cream variety available. You can have it topped up with a vanilla flavored cream.

  1. It is cold.

The brew does not use hot water. It is a cold brew. When the coffee is immersed in cold water, it loses heat gradually replacing it to bring out the flavor.

  1. Despite closely resembling Guinness, it has no alcohol

When served in a pint glass, nitro coffee can be mistaken for an alcoholic beverage; precisely, a Guinness stout. However, it does not contain one iota of alcohol. It is just coffee with a nice load of nitrogen.

If you have ever wondered how one can have a cold coffee, your answer is a nice cold can, glass or cup of nitro coffee like Nitro Cold Brew to quell your curiosity as well as add to your growing list of coffee brews and varieties that any bonafide coffee lover can be proud of.