JT from Famous Last Words returns with solo single “Final Frontier”

PostScript is composed of JT Tollas (Famous Last Words) a singer/songwriter from Petoskey, Michigan. The song “Final Frontier” comes off of PostScripts upcoming unreleased album ‘The Stars Collide With The Trees’. JT creates an eclectic and symphonic mix of music that spans multiple different moods and lyrical relativity; Showing us his true colors and his passion for the art he creates.

When asked about the song “Final Frontier”: “Sometimes we look inside of ourselves and we feel significant. We feel “special”. We feel that there is something within us that makes us unique. Sometimes it’s a good kind of unique, sometimes it’s a bad kind of unique. But in the grand scheme of things, are we really that special? Are we truly that different from each other?

Part of me says and feels “yes”, while part of me says and feels “no”.

That’s the vicious game of Tug Of War that constantly runs through my head.

That’s what “Final Frontier” is all about.”