C.O.W. 牛 Release ‘EPIC’ EP & ‘Cringe Lords’ Video

German-Chinese electronic music group and digital art project C.O.W. 牛 share their new three track ‘EPIC’ EP, as well as the music video for the ‘Cringe Lords’ single on August 9th via Compost Records.

Following on from the release of the first single,’Shang Dang (feat. Jake Masca)’, the ‘EPIC’ EP is the first of four elements to be released from C.O.W. 牛. EPIC embraces the powerful moments, the grandness and limitless nature but also the great failures of our digital lives and rules.

On the ‘Cringe Lords’ single/video, the band add “everything is EPIC. At least we’re deceived to believe that. Our eyes are guided towards the beautiful. The internet, but more specifically, social media is a place of worship of the flawless. “Lords” plays with those themes and highlights this trope by shining light on the ugly, the hidden and madness of a world that made authenticity a commodity. The text and video depict the paradox and pain of a world that could be used to make us more human instead of making us less of what is natural. The instrumental and beat however are truly EPIC.” – C.O.W. 牛