How to Earn Money on Their Talents and Hobbies?

As an employer or recruit manager, you know exactly what education, qualification and experience an employee must have to apply for a particular role. Maybe you pay attention to his/her personality. You know that a person’s character has a great impact on the workflow and an atmosphere at the workplace.

We’ve decided to dig deeper and show you what way your employees’ hobbies and talents can be beneficial for your business. Have you looked up for the interests in the worker’s resume? Recruiters often don’t take into account this point. Well, they should!

Why hobbies and talents are that important?

Recent research has proved that people engaged in hobbies perform better at work because they have particular qualities crucial for great performance on the position. Why? Here is the answer:

they feel calm and relaxed

they use their time wisely, have time management skills

they ‘re helpful and ready to work in a team

they’re creative and always suggest interesting decisions

they’re more competitive

Scientists emphasize that creative employees with interesting hobbies help a company to thrive. If you’re headhunting for such coworkers, visit the job site jobsora, where you’ll find the most creative and talented people.

How can certain hobbies benefit your company?

Yoga. If you’re looking for a person who can work in a fast-paced, stressful environment, control his/her emotions, handle pressure yoga is the best decision for you!

Extreme sports. Do you need a leader, who is not afraid of hardship and roughness? You should take into consideration a person who performs such sports.

Dancing. That means creativity, the ability to work in a team, a sense of beauty.

Videos and other digital stuff. Such people are calm and patient and often immerse themselves in the work they are doing. They are quite reliable.

Cooking and/or baking. These hobbies involve both creativity and sticking to something particular. Mutually exclusive? Look, sometimes cooks and bakers have to make dishes strictly following the receipt, but they also can create meals themselves.

So, hiring such an employee, you get “two in one” – stable but a creative worker. Also, cooking and baking have a calming effect and treat stress.

Playing any musical instrument. Such people have a sense of beauty. But, what is more important, they are disciplined, dedicated and reliable. It takes so much time and effort to learn to play the instrument! And all those great qualities a person brings to work!

Playing different games. It means a person likes competing or working in a team, which are both useful qualities for work. He/she can think creatively.

Traveling. If business trips are a part of the job you’re offering, you need this person! These people era active, easy-going, they like changes.

Reading books. If you need a literate, calm, but creative person, this is the right employee for you!

Creative hobbies (taking photos, painting, writing, singing, etc.). Imagination is a key point in these hobbies. It also means that a person can express his/her thoughts clearly.

To sum up, if a person has a life beyond the workplace, it’ great! Since it means he/she is open to something new, flexible, like challenges. This person is developing all the time, which is so important in our fast-changing world! If a person combines several hobbies, it means he/she can do multiple tasks. It’s a dream of every employer!

Do pay attention to employee’s hobbies. They tell you a lot about the person’s character. The right hobbies will be very beneficial for your company! It doesn’t mean that you can use your employees’ hobbies as a source of extra income, it’s inappropriate and illegal! It means that people with specific interests, talents and hobbies will perform better on their workplaces. And this will lead your company to success.

People are the main source in the company. People with the right qualities are just indispensable!

This way, employees’ hobbies and talents are a great payoff for the company.