LiveFromCedarGrove releases visuals for “Yeti”

Livefromcedargrove is an artist from Holden Beach, NC. He began rapping in June 2018. He shot his first music video at the Glow Street Studios in Myrtle Beach, SC where he does the majority of his music.


It’s been a rocky road for him, surviving a deadly car crash and being left in a wheelchair. After graduating college, Livefromcedargrove was signed up for the military but unfortunately, the car accident switched his plans up. With no job and very little money, Livefromcedargrove started selling weed and anything else he could. He eventually decided selling weed was not enough and began rapping. His current single Instant Replay, is being played on radio and in clubs in South Carolina by DJPMONEY. This is the beginning of what Livefromcedargrove says is his chase to millions!!