Microcosms release powerful/socially conscious new single “Forget Us”

Microcosms explore the darkness with light on the powerful “Forget Us”. Neatly capturing the zeitgeist, they explore the fear that seems to permeate every single element of daily life around the world. With the greatest of care, they tap into a post-punk sort of darkness, brooding and contemplative. Over the course of the journey their highly articulate thoughtful lyrics rest front and center of the entire track. By opting for such a careful approach, they touch upon the intense vision of Joy Division in creating a fully immersive experience. Despite its short duration the song feels akin to a grand journey for the rhythms and riffs merge into a virtual wall of sound.

S – https://microcosms.bandcamp.com/

Rhythms have a spry quality to them. The intense vision that takes hold feels palpable. Vocals go for a haunted quality as they dissect what leads people to such unhappiness. Over the course of the track the way it builds up feels outright potent. Around the minute mark it all lets loose ensuring that every single moment is carefully considered, sculpted to perfection. With an ebb and flow to the overall sound Microcosms ensures that every single moment manners. For the final stretch of the piece they seemingly let loose as the song dives deeper and deeper into an outright sense of madness, as they amp up the volume and distortion.

On “Forget Us” Microcosms crafts a truly memorable piece one whose message lingers in the mind long after the music has ended.