Valerija Kravale (LV) & post-soviet music – first ALBUM release

Valerija Kravale is just a girl with guitar from Latvia. Her music is a crossroads of post-soviet thematic lyrics and deep atmospheric guitar sounds.

She went a bit crazy and hitchhiked through Europe and played on the streets in 2017 all by herself – that’s when she realized music helps her to communicate. After 30 travelled countries, her sound went to a sort of psychedelic version of indie, that performed live is accompanied with audio-visual show. Valerija is researching her Eastern mentality through sounds that “don’t make sense as anything in life”, as she recalls herself.

05.06. Berlin, GE (Wild at heart)
14.06 Berlin, GE (Petersburger Art space)
03.07 Amsterdam, NL (TBA)
10.07 Paris, FR (TBA)
20.07 Cirava, LV (Cita Abra)
22.07 Pavilosta, LV (Wonderland)
26.07 Jelgava, LV (Cirulu nams)
28.08 Riga, LV (Bars Č)