Watch > Objekt shares video for Dazzle Anew > directed by Joji Koyama (PAN)

Del Valle is a concept artist who specialises in movement and her performances have graced the stages of the Barbican, Serpentine Gallery & Getty Museum. In Dazzle Anew she winces with the same intricacies that exist within Hertz’s productions. Flickering through hysterics, disgust and seduction, the sound envelopes her.

Hertz explains “Dazzle Anew was meant to convey a sense of wonderment, imagining seeing the world for the first time and being overwhelmed by the experience. I love how Joji and Kianí captured this – you share her awe without seeing what she sees”.

The director says on the video “For this video TJ had a mood he wanted to create – a moment of elated discovery or rebirth. I tried to think of how this could be performed by a face. When I met Kianí Del Valle who agreed to perform it and choreograph it we imagined the torso of a figure continually shifting and moving a bit like it’s some kind of growing organ–we quickly developed it so that the figure would also move through a succession of frantic and slightly elusive emotional states.”