LA-based artist Holdan transports listeners to an atmospheric soundscape filled with dreamy synths and electronic elements with his latest, “Foggy Lake.” Equipped with a vibrancy of nature’s ambience and indie flair, the Florida native addresses life’s continuous uncertainty with its testaments of self-doubt. Embraced with lyrics like, “My spirit breaks ’cause I’m surrounded by fakes,” Holdan masterfully crafts his feelings with clarity. A well-balanced juxtaposition of somber lyrics with uplifting chord progressions, “Foggy Lake” could be the inspiration you need to get through the rough days.

A punk rock kid who makes alternative pop that’s as sophisticated as it is raw and as streetwise as it is heartfelt, Holdan is an artist of myriad talents, a singular vision, and no space for barriers. After a childhood of singing in choirs and surrounded by a musical family, Holdan left his native Florida for L.A. at the age of 15.