Nutrition for Musicians: How to Stay Healthy and Energized on the Road

Life on the road used to be the calling card of vagabonds and traveling musicians. In many ways, this rings true to this day as many a successful musician is required to tour for the sake of promotion and improvement of their performance-craft. In order to stay physically and mentally formidable through this grueling process, every performer has to ensure a diverse and healthy intake of nutrients to keep the muscles strong and immunity intact. However, a wholesome diet can do so much more as its long-term positive effects compile

A specialty niche

As it stands, a diet for musicians on the road has developed as a specialty niche within our lifetimes. Only over the last ten years, as we witness the proliferation of active musicians that may be small but which still manage to live off their craft, do we see the rise in the popularity of this niche. Its goal is to increase efficiency of nutrient consumption and absorption in order to keep performers’ mind sharp and stamina up while they are traveling from one gig to another.

Smoothie solution

One of the first gems of wisdom most experienced musicians will bestow upon their less experienced colleagues is to rely on raw smoothies. These fruit and veggie cocktails are practically a form of quick and efficient meal that can also serve as a legitimate refreshment. Now, you can purchase a blender and create smoothies yourself, along with the preferred recipes, but this apparent asset can turn into quite an impediment since you will be forced to go through the hassle of cleaning.

You may consider relying on ‘baby food packet’ hack, but they can actually cause a laxative effect, and the key is to keep nutrients in, not to excrete them. Your body will go through a lot of pain and strain, so it is crucial to keep it fueled up for an efficient real time recovery.

Counteract anxiety and pain

Of course, caffeinated drinks have become an integral part of our lives, but irregular sleeping patterns during the tour can lead you to consume more of them. Falling into this trap should be avoided at all cost as caffeine overdose will turn you extremely anxious and encourage bathroom visits. Subsequent mineral deficiency combined with stress can lead to more severe muscle cramps which means more pain and an excruciating headache.

A chronic sprain in the neck can lead to an incessant onslaught of headache that can last for days, especially if you sleep in cramped spaces or in positions that are not healthy for your spine and your muscle tonus. Instead of relying on pharmaceuticals, you may want to consider CBD as an alternative option for dealing with migraines simply because there are several notable upsides to it, one of which being appetite regulation. Combined with food, this compound’s bioavailability increases and its calming effect makes the digestion period a lot less rocky, especially when you are exposed to that much stress during the tour.

Protein and fluids

When it comes to meals themselves, keep them protein rich and avoid starch laden pastry which is a proven energy-draining mind-fogging monster. Eggs, yogurt, lean meat (but not too much of it) and legumes coupled with above mentioned smoothies and CBD oil will see you through. Ditch sodas completely and keep yourself hydrated with pure H2O.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to fluids, lemon is your best friend on tour. This fruit is not only one of the pillars of super-food hierarchy, it is also a steady source of vitamin C and a strong detoxifier, especially when you squeeze it into a large glass (or a bottle) of lukewarm water. The key here is lukewarm – this simple two-ingredient concoction will flush your liver and give you a boost before your first coffee.

Avoid power bars and sugar

While we are on the topic of coffee, many diligent workers that toil through the night (or through their tour) rely on a one-two punch of coffee and a candy bar. This is a big no-no if you want to keep your energy levels steady and strong. Sugar is one hell of a drug and the crash that follows a hearty bar snack can downright drain you for the day.

Jet lag, neck pain, insomnia, and muscle fatigue are only the initial symptoms of a particular condition that can liberally be dubbed ‘over-touring’. Maintaining equilibrium of mind and body is a daunting task when you are pushed to your limits and a battery of relentless performances can level you. The best and the most wholesome factor that can counteract these symptoms and keep chronic ailments at bay is nothing more than a diet brimming in nourishment. Your meals should become a diverse feast of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, accompanied heavily by the regular intake of water in order to keep the cogs spinning. Believe it or not, there is no greater philosophy to it.