Double Video Release From Tritonal “Hard Pass” (ft. Ryann) and “Diamonds” (ft. Rosie Darling)

In more than a decade of creating electronic music together, David Reed and Chad Cisneros of Tritonal have kept themselves impressively busy. Progressive house, electro house, trance future bass – they’ve made killer records in all of these genres and demonstrated their production versatility and songwriting mastery. They’ve topped the Beatport charts, crashed into the iTunes Top 5, and they’ve been included in DJ Mag’s list of the best artists in the world. Reed and Cisneros have won respect and support of the biggest names in electronic dance music: Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Above & Beyond, to name a few. They’ve brought Tritonal to the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Electric Zoo, Creamfields in Australia, Ultra Music Festival, and other signature EDM events. And with Air Up There and their new Tritonia show on Sirius XM, they’ve even shown themselves to be skilled and discerning radio show hosts.

Tritonal are currently getting ready to release their new album U & ME. Discussing the album, they said, “The title for our latest full length album, U & ME, is a very simple pointer towards Unity & Love that we feel is inherent in life itself. Ultimately, we are all connected – in fact everything in the Universe is connected. Music allows us to express that connection through sound. There is so much inherent divisiveness in our culture today and we wanted to flip the ‘you vs me’ or the ‘us vs them’ dialogue on its head. ‘My Country’, ‘My Team’, ‘My Race’, ‘My Beliefs’, ‘My Social Group’ – they all are ideologies people identify with to enhance their false sense of self and can be divisive instead of unifying. Through them, people make themselves ‘right’ and others ‘wrong’ and define their identity through their enemies, the ‘others’, the ‘non-believers’ or ‘wrong believers’. This identification leads to suffering. Hopefully, our music can act as a light that shines upon one simple truth – Love.”