Dirty Mae premiere video for new single “Big Red”

Dirty Mae has released the new video, “Big Red,” today, April 18, 2019. The single is the NYC-based trio’s first new track since their self-titled debut EP which dropped last summer. The new video is a feminist retelling of Little Red Riding Hood featuring frontwoman Cassie Fireman as the empowered heroine seeking revenge on her enemies. Fireman also directed “Big Red” and was inspired by Amanda Palmer’s bold video, “Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now.”

“I’d been experiencing so much anger around the #metoo movement,” Fireman explained. “So I decided to use my own voice, story, and music to help me work through it. She isn’t lost in the woods and is busy casting spells on villains with her pack of witches. I loved re-imagining this character as a sexy, strong woman who enjoys having all the power.”

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