New Jack Bruno “iLoveJustinBieber”

Don’t let the title of this track fool you – that mainstream bubblegum pretty boy’s got nothing on Jack Bruno. Any pop puppy wanna-Biebs can land girl, but in his latest video for “ILoveJustinBieber,” multi-talented Jack Bruno receives the undivided attention of women – sexy, grown women who spend one sun-drenched afternoon competing for his affection at their retirement home.

The LA-based, punked-up and gothed-out hip-hop hybrid’s latest viral-hot anthem was produced by Ben10k and Jeremiah Raisin. Bruno spits about ladies looking to get Jackified left and right, day and night, and as he says, it’s just something he has to get used to.

His rapid-fire, laid-back cadence gets some hysterical visuals courtesy of Logan Meis and Sam King. Meis, at 22, has directed clips for Wiz Khalifa with Gucci Mane, Trevor Daniel, and has done work for majors like Warners, Sony, Epic, Atlantic, and Lyor Cohen’s 300 Entertainment. Here Jack is set upon by a harem of lovely, lonely retirees who turn the heat up while he sunbathes. When he’s not getting fed grapes or a full-on turkey dinner by one, he’s getting a solid shoulder massage from another. He reclines with a hand-delivered cucumber face mask while getting lit up by some silken-haired honeys. Then, things get adult during a 5-way backyard Scrabble match.