@skopemag News For November 5, 2018 @ 3 pm est

Night Lights – ‘Talk to Me’ (Official Music Video)

The now Los Angeles-based band met while attending school in Boston, and have since discovered a balance between profound lyrics, hooky melodies, intriguing harmonic progressions, and danceability. They are inspired by the likes of Mutemath, Two Door Cinema Club, Friendly Fires, and Radiohead, yet they found their unique sound in the midst. The band’s songs touch on the subject of existentialism and the confrontation of the self, hoping to discover a truth grounded in music, community, and conversation.

L.A. Upstarts OSBS Reveal Their Everyday Struggle in a Soul-Sampling Single

Bringing a fresh spin to a classic West Coast sound, thesoulfully melodic rap music of Los Angeles duo OSBS (On Some Bullshit) caught the ears of influential L.A. music business figure Big U. Rewarding their label benefactor’s faith, the duo show off their skills on the soul-sampling “It’s a Struggle” (Remix). Buoyed by a passionate hook from Smoke, the two rappers swap stories about their troubles above a minor-key chipmunk soul sample, with D5 lamenting the lost life of a close friend in a liquor store shooting, and Smoke reflecting on his time in prison away from his daughter and baby momma. Premiered by Dirty-Glove Bastard, the remix to “It’s a Struggle” adds some words of wisdom from Big U, who relates a story about gang violence in 1980s L.A. “It’s a Struggle” (Remix) is a highlight from No Cap, the OSBS duo’s upcoming EP.

SHLOMI ASH releases new video for the single “Wake Up”

The track’s unorthodox video is loosely based around the JFK quote “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” and sees Shlomi in the role of a street performer gone mad.

Singer/Songwriter Brooke Moriber Releases New Single “Cry Like A Girl”

Parade Magazine gave the exclusive premiere of the track and raved about the “high-powered Americana-infused track with an empowering message. Moriber makes a compelling case for sharing raw emotion with strong vocals and a spot-on delivery.” Popdust were also swift to jump on board, with the outlet proclaiming Brooke a “powerhouse”.

Exclusive Premiere: Brooke Moriber Challenges You to ‘Cry Like A Girl’

VIDEO: James Gardin “Joy”

Joy is something we all try to find in every day. At times, its located in painfully apparent places. Sometimes, its qualities are more elusive and need to be dug up from overlooked nooks and crannies. At the end of the day, joy is always found in things that are internal and eternal.

Brix’s new video for “Just A Girl”

As an artist, Brix wants to be an inspiration for equality. She and director Ben Tedesco were inspired to take truths from our past and present social and political climates, in an abrupt yet reflective filming style. Using a mix of controversial and empowering photographs, graphics, audio clips, and video from the history of women’s rights in the US, they projected the system society has found itself trapped in for decades.

Band of Silver // Release new music video “World Domination”

Energetic, young, pop-rock band Band of Silver, released a video for their new song, “World Domination” a track on their recently released EP, IN SPACE!