@skopemag News For October 30, 2018 @ 9 am est

JAC Presents ‘3-6-5’ + ‘Hearts Stop’ on Youtube & Spotify


Anderson .Paak vid for “Tints” ft. Kendrick Lamar

Check out the new video for Anderson .Paak’s “Tints” ft. Kendrick Lamar. Directed by Colin Tilley, the five-minute film features Kendrick Lamar with surprise cameos from Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young. The track comes from Anderson’s highly anticipated sophomore album Oxnard (Aftermath Entertainment, exclusively distributed by 12 Tone Music, LLC.)

Art Punk’s Gustave Tiger Release “The Eternal Return”

The world -the multiverse, if you will -is eternal. The moment we call “here and now”is but a glimmer on the ocean of endless returns of this exact moment -and also returns of all imaginable and non-imaginable variations of this moment. There is no time as we normally think of it (as a linear movement), the billions of years that pass, they only seem to pass in our quotidian ignorant slumbers. The multiverse brings forever back this day and brings forth days in which in place of my right arm the Holy Trinity shines and I am quoting Spenser’s unwritten sequel to the Faerie Queen. Our livesas we experience it are one thread of this fabric, the painted veil, the kaleidoscope -the circles, cycles, or, rather the spirals, the gyres stretch endlessly.A concert favourite of ours, we recorded the song during the summer.I wrote the lyrics after reading The Life of Milarepa.

Balthazar Share New Track “Fever”

Reliant Tom drops title track from their upcoming LP “Bad Orange”

New York-based avant-pop duo, Reliant Tom, are poised to release their upcoming full-length record Bad Orange this week, but first, they gave us another treat with the future-pop title track, “Bad Orange.” Sounding like a fiery mix between St. Vincent and Radiohead, “Bad Orange” is charged with attitude and infectious, spacey synths. We’ve partnered with Music & Riots to bring you the premiere of “Bad Orange.” The full-length, Bad Orange is out this Friday!

Alt-pop group Crimson Apple release Refinery29-featured video

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Crimson Apple have performed in numerous venues in California, Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania, signed a management and recording deal with Amuse Group (Perfume, BABYMETAL, ONE OK ROCK) and landed a spot on this year’s High School Nation Tour. With undeniable chemistry on and off stage, and a musical bond only sisters could share, Crimson Apple seem to have all the makings to be pop music’s next big thing.

All-Female Post-Hardcore band releases eye-opening new single “Pointing Fingers”

All-female hard rock/metal band Reason|Define release hard-hitting new single, “Pointing Fingers.” The inspiring song tells a story about refusing to succumb to obstacles or manipulations, no matter how overpowering they may seem. Their emotional, melodic vocals and catchy, heavy riffs prove that rock is not just for the boys.

The Verigolds – ‘Sea of Sirens’ x Spotify

The Verigolds are a Southern California Indie/Electronic band. They are known for their ever changing style twists; blending indie pop, with electro-rock, and adding hints of folk. On their latest release, Sea of Zebras, The Verigolds worked with the production team of Michael Nicastro (Magic Bronson) & Mike Malchicoff (King Princess/Kayne West).

Kali Uchis debuts video for “Just A Stranger”

Uchis was recently nominated for Best New Artist at 2018’s Soul Train Awards. The awards ceremony will be broadcast on BET on November 17, 2018 at 8:30pm EST.