How to Become a Music Blogger: A Complete Guide

Music is a universal art. It can be enjoyed by those who don’t understand the language of the singer and by those who didn’t grow up with the genre. We connect to it in deeper ways than just contextual meanings. We feel when we hear it. We listen to music to help us cry when we are broken-hearted. We listen to it when we want to feel happy and dance with joy. Music speaks to our very soul, which is why it’s no wonder that the music industry itself is so massive.

The music industry is worth over $17.3 billion. Just a year earlier, it was $15.7 billion. This marks a massive growth that is only set to increase as more people start paying for subscription services as opposed to pirating music or simply going without. As a blogger, you can create a healthy audience and even an income if you play your cards right. Do well enough, and you can then create your own brand or be hired by a notable publication for your talents. Before you reach these goals, however, consider the following tips.

Stick with a Niche (Or Genre)

The first step to succeeding as a blogger is to choose a niche (or in music cases, genre) and to stick with it. This way you can create a consistent product and grow your audience from there. The more specific the niche, the more likely you will grow an audience of dedicated readers, listeners, and viewers from the start. You can then monetize this blog by either accepting sponsorships, or by opening up a Patreon account where your fans can pay so much per video, or blog piece, with the option to cancel their subscription to you at any time.

Set Up a Great Website

The better your website, the more hits it will get. An ugly or unusable website will only frustrate your fans and stop them from enjoying your content fully. Thankfully, it is not only easy to make a great website, but it doesn’t take a lot of money, either. Simply choose a great, easy to use and simple theme and work from there. Minimalism is still going strong in the blogger sphere, meaning you can look great and trendy all at once with minimal effort. Be sure to stick to your brand, however, your image will need to be consistent.

Create a Variety of Content

Music has two formats – audio and video. To some extent, it can also be text-based as well, but people predominately access it through those main two formats. To truly succeed as a music blogger, then, you need to tap into these different types of content. Write articles of course, but try to create, say, a podcast or video series as well. This will give you the practice that you need in order to start interviewing the bands that you love so much.

Start Reaching Out to Musicians

The more successful you are, the more readily you can get interviews and more with bands. Not only can you get these interviews, you would also be able to really help up and coming musicians’ careers. For any music fan, this is a dream come true. Stay professional when you reach out, and let your site and audience do the talking for you.

Go Where the Music Is

When you get really serious about your blogging and have either started to become popular enough to enjoy an income, it is time to take your efforts one step further. What this means is attending the events themselves and even visiting the artists in person for an in-depth interview. The more popular you are, the more likely you will be able to secure VIP press treatment which will get you an insider’s look into behind-the-scenes content.

In the beginning, however, you will need to pay your own way. To do this regularly, this means you will want to reduce the costs of travel as much as you can. Try to use comparison companies to find the best prices on everything, from flights to accommodation, to even car rentals. Go from there and see if there are any discounts on and you can minimize the high cost of travel, allowing you to put your money towards tickets instead and even paying for the press pass at events and festivals.

Musicians are celebrities, and as such, there is a massive amount of interest in entertainment news and interviews. By starting small and working your way up, you can become one of the biggest names in this industry. Just believe in yourself and never give up.