New Video By Nadia Lanfranconi “Italian Country Song”

It was the philosopher Brad Paisley who called America “one big Country Nation”. What Brad meant was that modern country music has less to do with geography and more to do with a certain state of mind: respect for tradition, a straight-shooting attitude, a taste for musical economy and simplicity, and, perhaps most importantly a sense of fun. In 2018, it’s as easy to find a real country musician in the city as it is on a rural back road. And judging by the recent success of European singers and songwriters like Lucie Silvas, American country music has gone worldwide. Nadia Lanfranconi was born on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, but the moment she starts to strum and sing (in a very fetching accent), there’s no doubt about it – you’re in the presence of a country true believer.

That’s the theme of “Italian Country Song”, which is very honest, very funny, very catchy, and impossible to resist. Lanfranconi may not be a native American, but she’s got the basics down as well as any Music City troubadour. She’s been writing and releasing music since 2008, with her American debut EP Bad Story. Over a pure country groove – spiked with slide guitar, naturally – she tells her life story, and lays her motivation and her passion bare. It helps that she’s got a good sense of humor, too. She confesses she’s not much for pickup trucks and reveals a very Italian preference for coffee over beer. But she pledges her allegiance to the verities: Jesus, Johnny Cash, and sweet romance. (And maybe not in that order.)