Rev Peter Unger New Video For “Goodbye My Love”

Power Pop band Classified Frequency release new single “Black Eye”

Remember 1999? American Pie just came out, Tony Hawk landed his first ever 900, and everyone was FREAKING out about Y2K. There were also a slew of great power-pop/punk bands pumping out jams and the Maryland-based quartet, Classified Frequency, packages those vibes with a 2018 facelift. Today, you can hear their new single “Black Eye,” the title track from their new EP releasing on September 25th.

This Patch Of Sky share new studio video for “What Once Was Lost”!

This Patch of Sky is best known for instrumental post-rock compositions and technical abilities, best heard on their single “Coordinates (44°06’12″N 121°46’09″W)”. The track is taken their new full-length These Small Spaces, the band’s fourth album that came out September 22nd on Graphic Nature / Equal Vision Records. It follows “Bella Muerte” and “Pale Lights”, for which the band shared with BrooklynVegan and Adobe Create Magazine respectively for the premieres.

Country Singer-Songwriter Danielle Johnson Shines with Debut Track “Let It Be You” Now Available

“My co-writers and I were discussing how sometimes friends turn into something more and that is how this song came to be. It was so much fun to write about something that is so common yet exciting and risky,” said Johnson about the track.

Carlo & The Montes – ‘Nobody’s Fool (ft. Akovia)’ Single

Carlo & The Montes want to do things differently to other bands, choosing not to have a permanent singer but a new vocalist for each record produced. Nobody’s Fool ft. Akovia is the latest single from the group, from their upcoming EP.

Sarah Close Releases Sensational New Single ‘Crazy Kind’, Out Today

‘Crazy Kind’ has an upbeat, punchy production that progressively transcends into a captivating chorus which showcases Sarah’s impeccable vocal. The track is about the thrill of being in a new relationship and the intense, exciting feeling of doing outlandish things and being with someone you’re besotted with.

Rising Swedish pop star back with 2nd single

17-year-old Tilda debuted with “One Thing” in May 2018, an uplifting and energetic song that entered 6 New Music Friday’s on Spotify. A couple of months later, the promising Tilda Austen supported Swedish popstar Peg Parnevik on her tour premiere in Stockholm. Other big Swedish names such as Sabina Ddumba and Molly Hammar have praised Tilda’s goosebumps-evoking voice on Instagram and social media.

Feel Freeze start a gender revolution with video for ‘Let Go!’      

Danish electro-pop duo Feel Freeze are back with new video for ‘Let Go!’, taken from upcoming album Feathers & Scars (released Oct 12 2018) which is produced in collaboration with Lasse Lyngbo (Vinnie Who, White Pony, Lydmor) and Troels Damgaard-Holm (First Hate, Blaue Blume, Bisse).


“We wish we could get a comment from Peter about his poisoning, but we cannot since he’s still disoriented and not fully with us as the Peter we know. He’s dizzy and confused, he cannot remember where he is right now. He remembers his friends and relatives, but he does not understand that he’s in Germany, that he’s in a hospital and there are doctors around him, not prison wardens. “Are you the director of the prison?”, – Peter asked yesterday to the head of the hospital. It’s amnesia, but the good news is that this particular form of amnesia is reversible. In the very beginning he could not recognize his mother. Nothing like that anymore. But Peter’s thoughts are jumping from one subject to another quickly, which does not allow him to be fully present. And if you ask Peter why do you think you were poisoned, he most likely will tell you about the recent arrest of Igor Sechin, whether there is mobile connection in Arctic or not, about Marina Abramović and Ulay’s performances and his postmodernist phantasies. It may be scary, but most of the time Peter still has his unique sense of humor. When he saw me and Nika Nikulshina yesterday, he said “So good to see you without handcuffs”.


Lana Del Rey is currently in the studio working with Jack Antonoff. A full-length record won’t be due for release until 2019 but Lana is excited to preview some early material from the sessions for fans. Following on from last week’s release of “Mariners Apartment Complex”, a new track “Venice Bitch” is due to be World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1 with Zane Lowe” on at 5.30pm BST on Tuesday September 18th and will be available to stream and download at the same time.

Rev Peter Unger New Video For “Goodbye My Love”