How to Make a Living Out of Your Love for Music

Most people have something that they’re passionate about whether it be food, exploring, or books. However, there are people who are truly passionate and have a deep love for music. There are different aspects of music that you may enjoy which include listening to it, playing instruments, or the business side of things. The good news is that you can make a living out of your love for music, if it’s something that you’d like to pursue part-time or full-time. On that note, you’re going to find a few ways that you can make a living out of your love for music below.      

Learn to Make Beats

If you have an ear for good beats or instrumentals, why not consider making some of your own? Doing so can prove to be a lucrative venture as most songs (unless being performed acapella) need background music or beats. To start with, you need to get all of the gear you may need to make beats professionally. Some of them include a Digital Audio Workstation, midi keyboard controller, sound banks, studio monitors, an audio interface, and condenser mic. Buying this equipment can be quite expensive, so it may be a good idea to either buy it gradually or see if you can get the equipment second-hand. Once you’ve mastered the art of making beats, you can begin looking for artists who may need them to sell to.

Play an Instrument

In addition to learning to make beats, another way to make a living out of your love for music is to learn to play an instrument. This is a job that could work out to be in high-demand as artists are usually on tour all-year around and need live bands to help support their music. You should, therefore, think about what kind of instrument that you’d enjoy learning and see how you can get started. Some key instruments that artists typically need include the keyboard, drums, piano, guitar, or bass guitar. You can then go on to buy your instrument of choice so that you can begin practicing daily. In case you can’t afford one, you should think about looking for places that you can buy them at discounted prices. For instance, promo codes ensure that you’d get a decent discount on any instruments you end up buying.

Become a Songwriter

Another potential route to take when trying to make a living out of your love for music is becoming a songwriter. If you find that you happen to be quite the wordsmith, then this may be something that you’d enjoy. You can begin by choosing a genre you’d like to write for and ensuring you network with artists and producers. Some basic tips for writing a song include analyzing the melodies and lyrics of the songs that you love, writing bittersweet lyrics, starting the song with the chorus, and listening out for songs that may come in your dreams. It is also a good idea to build a network of other songwriters, recording artists, producers, managers, and recording engineers so that you can get feedback, collaborate and easily find a market for the songs you write.

Promote Music Events

If you don’t feel you have a creative bone in your body, then it may be best to go down the route of becoming a promoter. It is the ideal music career path if you’re strong in the area of sales and marketing because you could choose to promote music events such as concerts and other live shows. Some things to consider if you want to become a music promoter include the two routes you have to choose from which include working with an established company or working independently and booking your first show.

Manage an Artist

For those keener on the business side of music, managing an artist may be a good route to take. This means that you’re more likely to be doing behind the scenes work and pushing your artist to ensure they get the right exposure as well as branding. Some useful tips for managing an artist include ensuring you network relentlessly, have music industry knowledge, are responsible, neutral and have great people skills.

When it comes to career pursuits, it’s often said that you should do what you love. In this instance, if you eat, sleep and breathe music, then looking for ways to monetize it may not be such a bad idea. Beyond the options mentioned above, there are several other music-related pursuits that you could explore. Hopefully, by doing so, you’ll be able to generate income and spend your time doing something you love.