Understanding Laws for Workers Compensation to make an informed choice

The effects of work injuries are enormous. You become a constant victim of stress and tension. While you focus on rehabilitation, you have consistent concerns about financial security and the welfare of your family. Another nagging concern is if you are a victim of is the future work options available to you as well as the outcome of the claim you file under Worker’s Compensation Laws in Perth.

Typical questions asked by victims of workplace-induced injuries

The following are the five common questions that victims ask when they suffer from workplace-related injuries-

  1. How should a claim be lodged?
  2. In the event of acceptance of the claim, what are the entitlements?
  3. In the event of lodging a complaint, will the job be lost?
  4. Is disclosure of previous claim mandatory to a new employer?
  5. Can an employer be sued?

The answers to the above questions have been shortly outlined below-

Lodging a claim

If you suffer from injury at work, you must inform your employer orally or in writing. Consult a doctor and request for the First Certificate of Capacity. Fill in the WorkCover WA Claim Form under Worker’s Compensation and give your employer both these documents after retaining copies. Once the employer accepts the claim form, produce it to the insurer in 5 working days. The insurer will contact you later within 14 days from receipt of the claim and inform you whether they have disputed, accepted or if it is pending for approval. You have to remember that the claim is also allowed if the injury you have suffered was because of work.


If your claim is accepted, you will be subject to payments every week, medical & other costs, rehabilitation expenses and other permanent impairment payments. The amount depends upon many factors. A skilled workers compensation Perth Lawyer will guide you on the above fees.

Loss of job

Generally, you are expected to return to work after a specific interval. However, if the employer has the intention to dismiss you, it is prudent to take counsel from a lawyer in the above field.

Disclosure of the previous claim to your new employer

Unless asked, it is not mandatory for you under the law to disclose the details of an earlier claim to a new employer. However, if you have been requested to do a medical assessment by a new employer and referred to a doctor for the task, disclosure to your medical doctor is mandatory.

Suing your employer

Suing your employer in Perth is a highly complex matter that depends upon many factors. It is here you should take the advice and counsel of a lawyer who will provide you with relevant information on the same.

If you have suffered from a workplace induced injury in Perth and wish to know what your legal rights and duties are, consult a skilled and qualified lawyer in the field today. He or she will help you understand the laws that pertain to you and protect your financial future and well-being by providing you with the compensation you deserve under a competent court of law.