Ezra Jordan – ’10 Miles a Minute’

Ezra Jordan brings the summer jams with the tropical, sun-drenched pop stylings of “10 Miles a Minute”. Absolutely silky smooth, his soothing voice rests front and center of it all. The flirtatious tenor of his delivery helps set the mood for the whole thing. Keeping things bright and airy, Ezra Jordan makes sure that this light touch works wonders. Chilled out to its very core, at times Ezra Jordan’s work seems to draw upon 80s pop, chillwave, and R&B in a satisfying whole. By opting for such a mix Ezra Jordan pay close attention to the importance of buildup, for the song comes into bloom with an uncanny sense of majesty.

Vocals introduce the track. Little glowing keys accompany him. The groove comes into view with the utmost of ease, as Ezra Jordan proves to have a deft ear of melody. When the bass comes into it the whole thing begins to radiate a sort of warmth. Easily though the guitar adds to the laid-back style, nimble yet so emotive. Layer upon layer of sound comes in, as Ezra Jordan at times recalls the thoughtful pop of Vampire Weekend, as his insistence on clear, concise riffs adds to the playfulness. By the latter third of the piece all of it comes together into a driving rhythm, while the song delves into an absolute fever pitch.

On “10 Miles a Minute” Ezra Jordan crafts an infectious pop medley, one that has a distinct personality that shines through.


By Beach Sloth