Arash Behzadi – ‘The Last Sigh’

Cinematic and delivered with such passion, Arash Behzadi creates a true masterpiece with the powerful “The Last Sigh”. Representing the absolute best of modern classical, every note feels deliberate and carefully considered. Melodies shine through while Arash Behzadi creates a natural rhythm that helps to frame the entirety of the proceedings. By opting for such a stance, the whole of the work feels akin to a grand journey, one where Arash Behzadi explores emotion and textures gracefully. String work in particular goes for a gorgeous deep resonance, at times recalling the best and moodiest of Max Richter’s considerable output.

Piano begins the piece in a minimal style. The keys resonate out into the infinite. Going for something quite delicate at first, Arash Behzadi lets this beginning set the tone for what follows. Opting for patience means the whole of the work simply stuns as it drifts off into the sky. Upon the introduction of the strings the piece becomes increasingly more and more forceful, holding nothing back. Quite delicate, these layers intermingle into a clear-eyed intensity that rests at the very heart of it all. For the final stretch everything reaches a true climax as Arash Behzadi builds the whole of the work into a virtual wall of sound before letting it simply burst in a fantastic explosion of color.

Done to such perfection, Arash Behzadi sculpts a sound of tremendous beauty with the stately ode of “The Last Sigh”.


By Beach Sloth