Do you want to sell your antique gold Jewelry?

When you have decided to sell antique gold jewelry on the market, you will find many buyers. However, before selling your items on the market, you must ensure that you are aware of what their right market prices are. You want to get a good deal out of them and so in the process do your research and homework well.

Simple Steps to sell your antique gold jewelry in the market

Selling antique jewelry in the market may be a mammoth task in the beginning however it is not an impossible one. Given below are the key steps you should begin with when you have decided to sell your antique gold jewelry in the market-

  1. Educate yourself about the market prices and rates- You must not rush to the first buyer who is ready to buy your antique gold jewelry. The first step is to educate yourself about antique gold jewelry and what is their worth in the market. Setting the price for your items is the first step. You need to examine the piece carefully and look at its aesthetics. Ask yourself this question- would anyone be interested in wearing the piece. You may take help from fashion magazines. They will give you an idea on current antique styles of gold jewelry in vogue. Another point that experts point out is that when an antique piece of jewelry holds a lot of sentimental value for you, it influences the cost for what you sell it for. Check the current pieces of antique jewelry currently in demand in the market. In case your piece is out of fashion or too old, do not get disappointed. You will still find many takers in the market for the gold and gemstones.
  2. The condition of the antique piece of jewelry- Jewelry less worn fetches a higher price in the market. Check your item carefully and see if there are any signs of damages. You can always restore the item with the help of professionals in the market. If the restoration is minor, go in for it. The costs of restoration for major repairs are very expensive. Moreover, many buyers will not be interested in an antique piece of gold jewelry that has a lot of restoration work done. In case, you are replacing missing gemstones, repair them only if the gemstones of that period are available in the market. Some serious collectors check the piece, and if they find the stones are fake, they will refuse to buy the item.
  3. Is the item valuable regarding family history or research- Check if the piece you own is valuable regarding research and family history? If the piece is valuable, you can get it appraised from the GIA or The Gemological Institute of America. A local jewelry store will also appraise your piece of jewelry before you sell jewelry NYC. However, be ready to pay for it as it is not free.
  4. Clean your antique piece of jewelry before you sell it- Your antique piece of gold jewelry is old and might not have been cleaned for a long time. You may clean the piece at home, or you may give it to a professional store to do the job for you. When you are cleaning antique jewelry at home, use lukewarm water and add a few drops of mild dishwater soap. If you need to scrub the item clean, ensure you use a very soft toothbrush. Toothpaste also works; however, you must ensure its chemicals are not too harsh for the gemstones. Gold is a soft metal, and in case you use toothpaste in a wrong way, you will land up staining the metal.
  5. Never use harsh chemicals like chlorine for cleaning gold- Never make the mistake of using chlorine to clean your antique piece of jewelry. You may use ammonia, however, do not allow the piece of jewelry to sit in the solution for a very long time. There are several stones like topaz and aquamarine that might get damaged by ammonia. So, in case your antique piece of jewelry has gemstones, it is prudent to take the piece to a very good store to get it cleaned. If you have the mission to sell your items, you must ensure there are no signs of stains or tarnish.
  6. Worth of gold- Now, you need to evaluate what the worth of gold is. You have to check for visible marks of its purity. You may find markings of Karat stamps on the piece. In case you hold a 24 Karat Stamp this means your item is made of pure gold and worth a lot in the market. However, in most cases, you will find antique pieces do not have this Karat stamp. You need to take the item to a jeweler who will check the gold purity for you before you fix a price. If your item has gemstones as well find out about them. Even gemstones have a lot of worth in the antique item’s market. Ask the jeweler to check the weight of the gold pieces as well. If you have scales at home, you can do the task and confirm with a second weighing with a jeweler to be sure. Once you have received accurate information about the purity and the weight of the gold, the next step would be to choose your buyer. Again, choose the buyer carefully with effort, time and research.

Experts in the field of antique gold jewelry buying and selling say it is safe for you to sell your antique piece of gold to a credible jewelry shop. They will give you value for money however when you are choosing the shop, compare at least 5 to 6 stores before you get the right price for your items. Experts say that you should never rush when you can sell your gold items as this will make you lose out on lucrative deals.