Tough On Fridays – ‘Wind’

Tough On Fridays delivers an unforgettable, joyous sort of style with the beautiful “Wind”. Reminiscent of the best of early 90s alternative rock and pop-punk, their style still feels uniquely their own. Comparisons to Blink 182 and Nirvana are unavoidable, for Tough On Fridays draws from both bands. Akin to Blink 182, they have a playfulness within their lyricism, a unique sort of storytelling that allows every detail to simply shine through in full. Nirvana’s influence comes from their deceptively simple guitar riffs that pack a lot of emotion into the mix. Best of all is how well the band works together, playing off each other’s strengths. Gina Osmar’s drumming allows for the band to have a larger-than-life style, for it becomes a virtual powerhouse. The real highlight of it all comes from the intermingling vocals of Katie Cummins and Caleigh Oceguera, both of whom work wonders together.

Tough On Fridays is:
Katie Cummins – Vocals & Bass
Caleigh Oceguera – Guitars & Vocals

“Wind” offers such absolutely incredible riffs, while the groove is set pitch perfectly. Vocals soar above it all in a clear-eyed intensity. As the entire song comes into focus it becomes quite inviting, as a tenderness underpins the entirety of the track. This proves to be Tough On Fridays’ true skill: to offer a commanding, powerful, yet still compassionate sort of vocal delivery, one that becomes so alluring. Indeed, the buildup throughout the track reveals a true talent for form.

“Wind” shows off Tough On Fridays’ undeniable chops in creating a truly inspirational sound which possesses an uncanny amount of power.

By Beach Sloth