How to Avoid a DUI When Coming Home after a Concert

Driving under the influence is an all too common occurrence. Many people fail to consider the consequences of their actions after an evening of fun and alcohol consumption. However, when you are facing a DUI, you may start to question, what could have been done to prevent all of this.

Prevent a DUI

Life is about having fun. When youre getting ready to see your favorite singer or band at a concert, it makes sense to grab a drink and enjoy. However, the trouble comes when youve enjoyed a bit too much and now need a way home. If you have ever been faced with the questions of whether to drink or drive after a concert, you should consider all of the following options to prevent you from getting a DUI.

Grab an Uber, Lyft, or a Cab

Before you go to the concert, start making travel arrangements by going to an from the concert in an Uber, Lyft, or cab. Alternatively, if you did drive yourself to the concert but are too inebriated to drive back, consider returning for your car after you sober up.

Contact a Family Member or Friend

Reach out to a family member or friend if you find that you are in need of a ride home after your concert. Likely, your loved ones dont want to see you drive drunk or receive a DUI, so be sure to contact them if you find yourself in need of a ride after a concert.

Pace Yourself

Instead of drinking steadily throughout the concert, consider having a few drinks beforehand so that you can enjoy the show and be completely sobered up by the time the concert ends. Similarly, as you enjoy the night, be sure to drink a lot of water to help flush the alcohol out of your system.

Contact an Attorney

If youve already been arrested after a concert, youll want to contact a bail bondsman as soon as possible. By recruiting bail bonds services to settle the amount for your bail, youll be able to return home sooner rather than later. While you may have been arrested for driving under the influence, the charges dont always stick. By contacting an experienced attorney, youll be able to put a defense together that will hopefully allow you to walk away from this situation free and clear of any DUI charges.

DUIs are a serious offense. Before putting yourself in this situation, consider these five tips to keep you from getting a DUI after a concert.