Mattress Protector Buying Guide – TN Mattress Protector

Do your mattress have any protection, do you understand why you need to have a TN mattress protector? The major reason why people go for mattress covers is to ensure that the warranty is intact. If you happen to stain, soil or rip your mattress, then the warranty will be voided irrespective of where you bought the mattress from. The primary reasons for this strictness are mainly due to the health of the people who work in the mattress industry.

There are a variety of diseases that can be contracted through body fluids or germs present on stained mattresses and as such, you cannot return such mattresses for replacement or servicing. With a mattress protector, however, the actual stains don’t won’t have to access the actual mattress and you will not have any problems if you need to service or replace the mattress.

Mattress covers have evolved over the years, and so are their uses and currently, you don’t need the TN mattress protectors just to offer protection to your mattress. For the basic application, mattress covers are designed to cover and sometimes encase a mattress so that the mattress can be protected from wear and tear due to daily use as well as being shielded from allergens, dust, and spills. In addition to these, the protectors also help in maintaining a consistent temperature created in the microclimate of the bed and also to reduce turning and tossing of the mattress. Some will even make the mattresses be more comfortable.

Why protect your mattress

Before you begin your search for a suitable TN mattress protector or a topper, it is important to have a very good understanding why you need one. Some of the main reasons for a protector are as follows-:

  • Protection from wear and tear – the mattress will be exposed to wear and tear on a daily basis provided that you are using it. The protector will reduce the impacts of such wear and tear on the mattress.
  • Protection from liquids and spills – unless you have a waterproof protector, your mattress could be affected by spills and liquids it may get exposed to during normal use.
  • Allergens – allergens such as pet dander and dust mites may get their way to the mattress, and these will eventually cause allergic reactions to the users of the mattress.
  • Extra comfort – a good mattress protector will add to the comfort level of the mattress and make it feel comfier, thus appear more inviting every night.

Enhance the levels of the protector

In most cases, you will find that the mattress protectors are very thin in design, featuring quilted and padded sheets. Mattress toppers or pads, on the other hand, are slightly thicker and can always be used to enhance the comfort levels of the mattress. The size, style, design and the thickness of the protector or topper you choose will thus have an ultimate effect on the comfort levels of your mattress. Though you cannot forget to factor in your personal sleeping habits as far as the comfort levels of the mattress is concerned.

Cotton with wool and/or latex

One of the choices you can consider for a decent mattress protector is one made of cotton and is lightweight, quilted and machine washable. For such a protector, you will accord your mattress a comfortable level of protection, but if you wanted to use it to add to your comfort, then it may be a good idea to add wool, latex or any moisture wicking material and temperature regulating fabric. Mattress toppers or pads featuring wool or latex are also molds and dust resistant, thus adding to their longevity. They are also waterproof, durable and firmer. When the wool is encased in cotton – the world’s oldest technology, you get a great fabric for the hot summer months because of the ability to wicker moisture. You should have all these in mind as you shop for your TN mattress protector.

Memory foam for conforming comfort

If you have a mattress that is already aging but you wish to salvage some of its comforts, then your best choice for a topper or a protector would be those made with memory foam. Memory foam protectors will be placed on top of the already aging mattress and they will take the shape of your body every time you lie down to sleep. They are also ideal for reducing motion transfer amongst couples. However, if you are in a hot area or during the hot summer months, then these would not be the very best choices since they retain a lot of heat and they are not as breathable as cotton toppers.

Featherbed protectors

If you desire a luxurious and a soft cocoon feel in your bed, then you have every reason to think about featherbed protectors. These protectors are great in the sense that they are not just comfortable, but also lightweight and highly recommended for those who need pressure-point relief when they lie down to rest.

Cleaning them is also simple since all you need is to hang them out in the sunshine where they can absorb the radiant heat and have access to the clean fresh air. Just like memory foam TN mattress protector, featherbed protectors will also absorb heat and this disqualifies them for those who sleep hot or those who live in hot climates. The same is also the case for the hot months of winter for those who would like to stay cool at night. Again, if you are allergic to feathers, then you may have to consider other types of mattress protectors.

Protecting your mattress is protecting your warranty

If you have bought a mattress protector, a topper or a pad but you are still not achieving the levels of comfort you had desired, then it may be time to think about buying a new mattress. The toppers are supposed to protect your warranty and also add to your comfort and if this is no longer the case, then don’t compromise your health and comfort for no reason. Make plans and purchase a new mattress.