HEIZMAN Presents New Video “Mai Tai”

When speaking about nightlife locations in the United States, it seems that the cities of sunny Southern California are the most eccentric of them all. The California club scene has always been one that is very attractive to many, with attendees filling the dance floors and bars of many venues virtually every night, in hopes of creating lifelong memories with the people they cherish the most, or often times looking for that latest romance, fling or fleeting intimate encounter.


HEIZMAN, a gritty up and coming hip-hop artist from Orange County California, lets the West Coast club life fully ensconce him in his latest single “Mai Tai.” He shares his honest story of desire in a club like many people will and continue to have. Utilizing a very laid-back, trap style beat, he adds a different dynamic into a world where it can be easy to get lost in the mix. HEIZMAN creates an strident, yet pleasing dynamic with his vocal style. A voice that truly makes your ears perk accompanied by a melody that is very hook driven, makes his debut single completely worthy of your attention. “Mai Tai” does a great job in portraying HEIZMANS edgy but suave demeanor. Along with the edgy and reserved vibe this track has, the video features Esther Hanuka, A.K.A Queen Esther, on Instagram. Hanuka has amassed a total of 233 thousand followers on the social platform which will only assist getting “Mai Tai” the exposure it rightfully deserves.

Produced by his close friend and right-hand man XIV, the two have created strong relationship and an even better work flow. “Mai Tai” is HEIZMAN’s debut single and is only the start of the great bodies of work that he will release. Prior to his solo career, HEIZMAN was part of a rap group in his Havasu City, AZ, where he was able to master his craft and create his signature sound and vibe. Using his melodic vocal creativity mixed with his smooth and confident flow, HEIZMAN is an artist who has the ability and drive to make a significant in the hip-hop world.