Car Hacks to Make Car Experience Enjoyable

Cars problems can be a great nuisance and cost you lots of money, which you could have used to fund alternative needs. In this article, I am going to show you easy car hacks that you can apply to ensure your car rides are enjoyable and comfortable.

1. Large Parking Lot Hack.

When you are in a large parking lot say a mall or a school’s parking lot, you can lose track of where you parked your car. Locating your car using your Key’s fob can be a hassle since the wireless signals weaken due to the presence of a jammed wireless signal created by all the cars. If wireless signals in the parking lot are too weak, i have a hack that can help you out. Body fluids can help extend your fob’s wireless signal helping you easily locate your car. Just place the fob under your chin and push the button.

2. The Sticky Sticker Hack.

Stickers are a great way of decorating your car with images and logos that express who you are. Although they are a great addition to your car lifestyle, you may change your mind about the said stickers and peel them leaving behind a residue that is unwanted and annoying. It leaves your car with spots, which I am very sure you do not like. The best way to erase these unwanted spots is to dampen a piece of newspaper with water and lay it over the sticker residue. After twenty minutes, the residue will soften which will make it easier for you to wipe it out. Problem solved.

3. The Windshield Wipers Hack.

Your windshield wiper blades perform an important role in cleaning the windshield especially if one lives in a very hostile environment full of snow or dust. The rubber covering the blades can wear when they age and cause scratches to your windshield and I am sure you do not want this. If in case the rubber covering the blades wears out, you can wrap the blades with women stocking. Yeah, women’s stockings it is. They will provide a very convenient alternative until your get the blades replaced and in this way, you can prevent your windshield from being scratched while having a nice windshield wiper.

4. The Nail Polish Hack.

When driving, a car meets many small objects that causes cracks to the car’s windows. The cracks if not filled can develop and cause you to replace an entire window. Nail polish comes handy in this hack. Turns out nail polish is not only useful as a beauty product but can help fill up cracks in your car’s window. Just fill the crack with a thin layer of nail polish and once it is dried out, the crack is as good as gone.

5. The Frozen Door Lock Hack.

Have you ever dashed out of your house in a very hostile weather towards your car and found out that your car door lock is frozen and cannot open up easily. It is a horrible situation, right? Hand sanitizer can come in handy at this particular moment. Just apply some hand sanitizer on the door lock and the problem will be as good as solved. It turns out that hand sanitizer thaws the ice on the locks unfreezing the lock and letting you in. There is no need to borrow a car or call a locksmith when a bottle of hand sanitizer can do it.

6. The Dry Ice Hack.

Car dents are a common menace among car owners however how much careful you are. It might be those careless children or a small road accident or that displaced post that will cause the annoying dent in your car that makes its look bumpy. There are many ways of repairing a car dent but in this article, i chose the dry ice hack since dry ice is easily available. Car dent repair can be as holding down a piece of dry ice on the dent until the dent pops out. The dent should pop out if it is not too deep.

7. The Car Seat Warmer Hack.

You have been through that situation whereby you bought food on your way home and it gets cold by the time you get home its cold. Well i can tell you that there is a smart way to keep your food warm until you reach home. If your car has seat warmers, you should turn them on and place the food on the seat. This should keep the food warm for a worthwhile.

The above ways hacks should come handy in solving most of the common problems that people come across when handling their cars. I however do not hope for you to encounter problems with your car.