Ann Paul – “Stay”

Ann Paul taps into the joy of the singer-songwriter tradition with the 70s-influenced style of “Stay”. Wild and wonderful, the way she lets her arrangements unfold gives them a sense of poetry. From the glistening keyboards to the thoughtful acoustic guitars, everything has a unique careful balance to it. By far the true soulfulness comes from Ann Paul’s unique journey that unfolds throughout the album, as elements of relationships, of trying to get through life, adds to its compelling quality. Vocals possess such warmth for Ann Paul sings with honesty.

With “One Minute” Ann Paul opens up the album on a high note, featuring an ornate take on chamber pop. This contemplative mood continues on the gracious “Stay” which incorporates a western twang to great effect. A little bit of funk comes into the proceedings with the limber “For Certain”. Going for a quiet intimacy is the beautiful album highlight “Just so You Know” that utilizes a spaciousness in a pitch perfect fashion. So lush with its rich arrangement “Oh Darling” has a dreamy, Sunday afternoon sort of blissfulness to it. “Don’t Think” features giddy grooves that guide it along. Stripping things down to the essentials is the hushed awe of “Stay”. Keeping a great deal of space in effect “The Great Artist” has a soothing, reassuring spirit to it. On “Sit by the River” Ann Paul ends the album with a hint of the blues.

On “Stay” Ann Paul creates a timeless classic, one whose joyous melodies linger in the mind long after they have ended.

By Jeremy Fargo