Top US Cities for Good Tunes

Who doesn’t love live music? The only thing that can make a great getaway even better is a soundtrack, and the following places know it. Whether by celebrating their sonic past or by cultivating new and exciting scenes, these US cities are a must for anyone who calls themself a music fan. And once you see these places, you’ll want to follow the music to Dunhill Travel Deals, where a simple search will find you great deals on flights, hotels, and more.

Austin, Texas

There’s a good chance you’ll hear live music the moment you step in Austin, Texas, with your arrival perfectly timed for the concert series at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. From there you’ll want to head to 6th Street, which is the busiest with local street performers and vacationers around the state capital building. Move eastward and find more low-key bars and venues where some of the top punk and alternative acts play all of the time (Cheer Up Charlies and Hotel Vegas, to name a couple). Come during the music portion of South by Southwest and the whole city becomes a choose-your-own-music-festival lineup playground. Oh, and don’t forget to eat some barbeque while you’re down there.

Nashville, Tennessee

They call Nashville music city or a reason. It’s the home of the Grand Ole Opry, the most famous country music stage in the world. It’s basically the place that country music calls home. But even if you’re not a big country music fan, Nashville has amazing rock clubs, fun bars with great jukeboxes, and history galore. Just prepare your mouth for a jolt — you have to try the incredibly hot chicken if you go to Nashville. It’s required. Also, who can deny the opportunity for a road trip to Dollywood.

New York, New York

New York is great for spur of the moment musical excursions. Head into the city for a weekend, check out some record stores, see what’s happening at the museums, and let your in-the-know city friends take care of the rest. Don’t have in-the-know city friends? Make some at whatever impermanent DIY venue or perennially popping Brooklyn bar you find. The best thing about New York City is that it requires you to go with the flow. There’s always something — great live jazz, back-room punk shows, etc. — happening on a given night, and lots of pizza and street food to keep you going until the morning. Also, because it’s a major travel hub, New York always has cheap flights worth searching for with Dunhill Travel Deals.

New Orleans, Louisiana

NOLA is a one of a kind place. It’s legal to drink in the street, something that’s apparent from the moment you arrive to the centrally located French Quarter — where, within the confines of only a few blocks, it seems like the party may never end. Live jazz can be heard basically everywhere — out your window, in a club, on the street — and the food and service are some of the best in the world. Oh, and their great rock club, Siberia, has an excellent (and vegetarian-friendly) Polish restaurant in the back.

Wherever you’re looking for great music, Dunhill Travel Deals has you covered with great deals.