5 Must-Haves When You Get a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is something that a lot of people do when they think they’re ready for the commitment of taking on a new family member. The joy of a puppy is special and can transform an entire household. Some people think that the love of a dog is incomparable to any other kind of connection on Earth.

Along with this great joy, however, comes a huge responsibility of teaching this new little animal how to be a respectful and obedient pet. Without doing your part, your puppy may develop very bad habits which will be very hard to break. When it comes to your checklist of what puppy must-haves you’ll need.

Obedience Training

Ensuring that your dog knows how to behave in public will make your life a lot easier. Not socializing your dog is a huge mistake that many pet owners make. Obedience training will teach your dog to behave in the presence of others.

Failing to control a dog in public areas could lead to serious injury and even death. Therefore, whether you opt for a professional obedience class, or buy a book, it’s important to take it seriously and educate yourself.

A Crate

Since your puppy doesn’t know the difference between peeing inside and peeing outside yet, it’s important to teach them yourself. One of the best ways to help them learn how to hold their bladders is to get them a crate.

A crate shouldn’t be a place for punishment but rather their safe haven where they sleep and stay when you leave the house. You should make it comfortable and in a convenient area of the house.

A Collar and Leash

Since dogs need to be taken for walks several times a day, it’s important to buy a leash. A leash is the best way to ensure that they don’t run away and cause any harm to themselves or others.

Even though you think you may know your dog, there’s no way of being able to anticipate how they’ll react in any situation. Therefore having a leash and collar is the best way to protect them.

A Dog Bed

A dog needs to feel like they have their own special area of the house which is just for them. No one else should touch their bed or invade this space.

It should be a comfortable, clean, and inviting place for them to rest and relax.

A Dog Brush

A dog brush will make sure that all of their excess hair and dandruff is brushed away on a daily basis. Even short hair dogs shed, so giving a good brush every single day will keep your dog less smelly and your house less full of hair.