Ranzel X Kendrick – ‘Texas Sagebrush’

Texas-born and brought up musician, Ranzel X Kendrick has recently released ‘Texas Sagebrush’, the second installment of his Texas series music album. And in this music album, Ranzel X Kendrick has assimilated his rich Texas roots music through a charming and engaging blend of sound, maintaining the Americana styling.

The previous released ”Texas Paintbrush” was a remarkable testimony of Ranzel’s melodic innovation. Like the first part, ‘Texas Sagebrush’, too, comes as a collection of eleven dynamic soundtracks. At a first glance, the titles of these eleven soundtracks, from ”Any Ole song”, What A Pretty Day”, to the ”Fair Grass”, put some kind of nostalgic impressions in the listener’s mind. The songs seem to be nostalgic because they are carrying out the profundity of the artist’s personal experiences.

The album opens with ‘Any Ole Song’ that starts with the spark of Ranzel’s vocal. In this song, there is no instrumental jamming; a smooth melody wraps around the listener with guitar and drumming. The catchy tune and rhythm appear with Ranzel’s organic musical craftsmanship. It is a very charming introduction to the album, what it holds for the upcoming minutes.

The next stop is ”What a Pretty Day”, a lighthearted and melodious single, featuring the fascinating and bewitching vocal of Rebecca White. This smooth, beautifully-written soundtrack has alone earned appreciation from the audience. The profound lyrics, the warm melody, gentle yet playful guitar riffs, astounding vocal, altogether create a soothing yet energizing ambiance, full of positivity.

The lyrical portion is not complicated, it is quite simple and easy-interpretable. It is the singing style of Ranzel along with Rebecca that evokes hope, inspiration, and positive emotions in the audience. The catchy tune, gentle melody, and how the song is presented is a total blast for three minutes. Both Ranzel X Kendrick and Rebecca White have successfully made the song a county gem that pierces through the heart, mind, and soul of the audience with an effortless punch.

In the county style music platter, ”Peace of Mind” is another addition of playful musical delight. The soulful lyrics and musical presentation of this song bring Ranzel’s creative spark under the spotlight. As the song opens, it seems like it is an instant retreat with the peace, as it really delivers the peace of mind.

”City In My Tequila” is another remarkable creation of Ranzel X Kendrick that makes the mind nostalgic; with its mellow sound and ear-soothing melody, it can turn around anybody’s day. The impressive vocal of Rebecca White gets mingled with the attractive and splendid arrangements of acoustic guitar in ”Lonely People”. ”Gruene River” comes with a playful note, guitar riffs, and the hypnotic voice of Ranzel X Kendrick. In ”Trouble And Pain”, it feels like Ranzel knows the perfect recipe of how to make a beautiful song, mixing the fine elements of music proportionately.

The gentle poetic scheme, sweet and mellow vocal, soft melody, playful guitar notes, are some of the great elements that have made ‘Texas Sagebrush’ a classic among the county gems.


– Beatrice Jones