How To Copyright Your Music The Right Way

People across the globe develop the music and release it on their own as per their convenience. We all know that many platforms are available including online to launch your music at any time.

However, it is always essential for the people that who wants to launch their music must copyright to protect their music. But the fact is most are not  aware of the music copyrighting and how to protect their work

In this case, it is always essential that people learn about copyrighting their song. People who all are seeking for copyrighting the music, it is essential for them to submit the song for a process of copyright to get it done. Before submitting the song for copyright process, then you have to follow the below instructions.

We mentioned earlier that most of the people know how to launch their music online. But when it comes to getting copyright, most of them will struggle to follow the process.

Follow the below instructions to know about the process you should follow –

Preparing the process

The thing that you need to keep it in mind is before going to fill and submit the respective forms to the government,  it is essential for you to check all the stuff that you should need. Some of the main things to note are –

  • Song information
  • Split sheets for every music
  • Lyrics
  • MP3’s

These are the main things that every song should contain when it sent  for copyright.

You should Visit U.S Government’s Copyright website to know more. Also, you should know the details about your music contract too .

  • When all the above mentioned stuff is available, then you can navigate towards copyright gov site for further process.
  • Once you enter the site, you can view and choose the Register copyright. Now, you need to click the button “Log in to eCO.”

Make an account

You need to select the option “new user” for creating the account. Once started to create an account, you are now ready to fill the particular details to fill. It is essential for all the users to enter the valid information like Name, Address, Country, Phone details and others.

Get start to new copyright registration

  • After the successful login process is completed, you are now ready to start the new copyright registration process.
  • When it comes to getting started, it is essential for you to tap the option “Register new claim” which is located on the left side of the section.
  • As per the instruction is given for registration process, you need to choose the right option for registering one work.

Thus the Copyright office will ask you to pay the fee that before going to upload the file for respective songs.

It is essential for the people to know that the fee for one work will be $35 and when it comes to multiple works, and the fee will be more. However, you can pay the fee by credit or debit card.

Upload work

Once the payment is successfully done, thus the site will be requesting you to upload the respective required files. For your information, you can upload many songs as per your convenience. The thing you need to keep it in mind is it will allow limited size to upload. In this case, you can compress it and proceed further. After the process is completed, you can click the option “Upload Complete.”

After the application is submitted, then the process will take few months to review. For your information, thus the effective date of the copyright will start on a date where the copyright office receives, and they accept the things like application, filing fee and other required copies of work.


Most of the people aren’t aware of copyrighting the music. When it comes to that process, it is essential for you to follow the specific process. Hope the stuff mentioned above will be helpful for you to follow while uploading the song for copyrights.