How bad is Cocaine for your sex life

Do you feel like a ‘’sex god” during intimacy under the influence of cocaine? The reason why many people prefer staying on cocaine rather than cocaine withdrawal is due to its euphoric feeling. Cocaine users justify their abuse with the claim that sex while high gives them better orgasms compared to sober sex. This drug may give you more confidence in bed but end up destroying your urge for sex because of its chances of making you a sex addict.

How is cocaine related to sex?

Professors of drug abuse report that when you consume coke, it makes the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine chemicals go up in your body. These two chemicals are responsible for making you experience more pleasure during sex. They make you have more energy to have sex without getting exhausted quickly as well as give you better stamina.

In as much as the drug makes you more focused during sex, the euphoric effect is very temporary as it wears off within minutes. The risks you are prone to due to high consumption of the substance are much harmful than the momentary pleasure that it brings.

Effects of cocaine on your sex life

Sexual dysfunction

According to research, the chances of a man developing erectile dysfunction caused by too much cocaine in their system are high. Such problems are what lead to separation of spouses caused by drug abuse. Bedroom matters are sensitive and too much dependence on cocaine to improve your sexual stamina may backfire on you.

Unsafe sex

Depending on how your body reacts to the drug, cocaine withdrawal symptoms may lead you to uncontrollable sexual desires that can cause hazardous sex. You no longer have control of your stamina with high amounts of cocaine. This urge leaves you unsatisfied with one sexual partner as you crave for more sex.

As coke impairs your ability to make the right decision, being an addict makes you do anything just to fulfill your sexual urge. Prostitution and pornography are possible effects of this addiction that may cause a spread of sexually transmitted diseases. A study shows that cocaine abuse increases the rate of HIV since it boosts the speed at which the viruses replicate on a person’s body.


High cases of assault are often caused by cocaine users’ inability to differentiate consent when it comes to sex. Your impaired judgment cannot let you distinguish between a person who is ready and willing to sleep with you and one that is not interested. In circumstances when both parties are under cocaine influence, this is also termed illegal because being in that state influences wrong decisions. You may find yourself in the hands of the law due to sexual assault while high on the drug.

Sexual impatience

Your sex drive may be too high leading to sexual nervousness. You may be too impatient to get a condom that would protect you and your partner. Studies reveal that 40% of cocaine users do not rely on condoms during sex. This leads to high chances of pregnancies among the youth since most young people are affected by cocaine addiction.

Rough sex

Since the drug is a stimulant that is known to reduce pain, you may find yourself engaging in rough sex without minding your partner’s feelings. Not concentrating on enough lubrication may cause bleeding or soring of your penis and break your girlfriend’s delicate vagina parts. Blood contact during rough sex especially in a situation where are condom is nonexistent is what leads to infections and diseases such as hepatitis C. In case one is using a condom, rough sex may make it break unknowingly exposing you to the same risks.


The belief that you will have a better orgasm when high on cocaine remains a myth. This is because as an addict who uses crack for years, your body develops less drive for sex making you struggle to reach a climax. Such misleading information is what drives people to anxiety and depression due to poor sexual performance. The effects of prolonged orgasms, thus, remain temporary because, without cocaine detox, everything will take a wrong turn leaving you sexually frustrated.

Skin irritation

Some people go as far as rubbing coke on your arse hole during anal sex. This irritates your skin and increases numbness. It also raises the chances of getting infections on your organs due to the harmful chemicals they are exposed to. The practice is common among heterosexuals who take cocaine to improve their sex life.

The shape of your organ

Cocaine is bound to leave your penis flaccid since it is known to dehydrate the vessels within your organ as blood flows inside your veins. This affects your performance on a woman because you may end up drying her vagina. Lack of being wet only causes more damage instead of making your sex life better.

What should you do?

Safety during sex

Using protection as you reduce the amount of cocaine that you consume prevent the chances of getting infected by STIs. Condoms provide you with the necessary lubrication to help you perform well in bed as you prevent diseases. It also gives you peace of mind since you don’t have to worry about risks of pregnancy.


Staying away from the drug and substituting it with healthier substances helps your body fight the harmful chemicals that may have caused erectile dysfunction. Include more natural foods such as vegetables and fruits to improve your libido.


Doctors came up with a new treatment to help you counteract the effects of cocaine on your body. Dexmedetomidine is a recommended drug to help you fight cocaine addiction, and its withdrawal symptoms that may include increased heart rate and blood pressure. This medication combined with drugs to improve your sexual stamina will help you kick the addiction as well as bring back your desire for normal healthy sex. If you are suffering from an STI, consult a doctor for the right medication to prevent it from getting worse.

Final thoughts

Dealers mix cocaine with harmful things that will not improve your sex life but damage it. Your sexy affair may become worse with lots of bumps of crack cocaine. Numerous effects of the drug should tell you that there is nothing safe about mixing cocaine and sex. Avoid falling prey to the myths you hear from your peers and find better ways of boosting your sex life other than such drugs.