Be Ready to Start A Conversation in Any Language With Scratch Travel Maps

Always wanted to be the cool guy who knew all the languages of the world? But who are we kidding, who has the time to learn so many languages or even the resources to do so. But no need to be disheartened, there is still hope for you. Luckies of London Ltd have just the right product for you.

Say Hello to the Scratch Travel Map Hello: Since the introduction of scratch maps in 2009, Luckies of London have been constantly striving to make all the possible types and variants of the travel maps possible. With the Scratch Map Hello, the search is over for people who not only love exploring the globe but are fascinated by languages. With this travel map, be the friendly inquisitive tourist you always wanted to be and charm the locals by greeting them with hello in their own language. You will win hearts of people all over the world by this simple gesture and will see that you get more out of your traveling experience. With over 190 language variants of hello, you will never be alone anywhere in the world.

Want Something Else? Find Something You Like In the Huge Travel Map Collection:If the Hello scratch map is not your cup of tea, no need to be vexed. It seems that Luckies of London took it upon themselves to find the dream travel map for every type of traveller out there. Some of the dopey scratch travel maps in the collection are:

  • Scratch Travel Maps Plus Something Extra: Check where you stand in fulfilling your bucket list of doing daring and thrilling sports activities offered all over the world with the Scratch Map Adventure. It covers every possible nerve wrecking and adrenaline pumping activity on the globe with 280 items for your bucket list! Not a thrill seeker but more of an animal lover? There is a scratch travel map for even for you with the Wild World one.
  • Just A Travel Map: You want something simpler without any pomp and other plethora of information to distract from the actual purpose of the scratch map. If you want your map to be just a travel map, you have options from rose gold to simpler ones like the original white and gold one. There are even different sizes to suit the requirement of everyone.
  • No Need for Taking Any Trouble: If you are one of the people who likes things to be in their finalized form without you going for any more hassle, then there are framed and mounted travel map choices too!

Some Cool Uses of Travel Maps:Found the perfect travel map but still not sure about what you are going to use it for? These are just some of the ways to make use of them:

  • These travel maps with their colour themes and detailing will be your own personalized map of the world, enthralling your guests with your voyages
  • It can make an excellent décor item as the colours vary from subtle and cool shades to more vibrant one, with more details appearing as you scratch it.
  • These travel maps can be even an educational tool for your kids.
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Summary: From animal lovers to just globe trotters, there is a travel map for everyone in the collection of Luckies of London.

Author Bio:Gerry Brent is a linguist working in a university who loves to immerse himself in the local culture wherever he travels.