These days the use of the water heaters is increasing to a great extent. Not only are they used in the houses, but also at some of the luxurious hotels and the public places. In the extreme cold countries, it is not at all easy to cope up with the dangerous winters. There is always a need for a soothing effect. This can be brought by some of the best tankless heaters that will make every customer too happy. So, let us see some of the beautiful aspects of these heaters.


These days the tankless heaters with the electric driven facilities are increasing. So, they are increasing their demands because they are too satisfying to the customers. The installation and the maintenance of the heating devices are quite easy. The space requirement is quite an easy one for the household purposes. So, they can be fitted well within any location. These days it has become a great confusion as to choose the tanked types or the tankless types. But here are some basic differences which make the tankless one a better one.

The tankless water heaters that are electrically driven give a continuous supply of the water without actually storing it in a storage tank. The heated water can be easily obtained as soon as the tap is opened. This all happens in an easy manner. The cold water runs into the units where the heating processes take place. The power exchange system quickly heats up the water according to the desired temperature by the users. The heat is brought by means of the electric coils which again come out of the faucet. The water starts circulating in the exchanger that brings out with it the hot water. So, in this way, there is never a stoppage to the regular supply of the heated water. There is never a problem of storing the water adequately for a later use. The flow rate in these heaters is about 15.2 liters per minute. However, there is a demerit with this. The demerit is that the speed of the flow is lower than the natural gas water tankless heaters. So, if used for the wide purpose, this is not at all compatible to bear such loads. In such a case, there is a requirement of more installations of the same device.


They are extremely easy in their installation. The breakdown rates of such heaters are a minimal and can hence store a large amount of the water. The problem of the tanked waters of eventual corrosion is totally absent with these. The replacement of the parts is so easy that there is always a quick way to get them renovated. The installation of the device at a house is easy with the help of an electrician.


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The craze these days is all about the “electric tankless heaters”. So, there are a few best electric tankless water heaters that have been reviewed to be the best ones for the customers. Here is a list of these heaters is as follows:

  1. ecoSmart ECO27-

This is stated to be the best seller in the market. It is a powerful device which has the capability of heating the water upto 6 gallons per minute. This is a perfect one to handle a household. This heater works beautifully for a variety of the purposes. There is a presence of a digital control panel with the heater which even allows the temperature fixing. The temperatures can be varied by the user from 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater in this device is in the form of a self-modulating technology. The amount of eh energy that is needed for the heating is quite efficient is also a great one and saves a lot of money. The design is quite flexible and can be installed anywhere and everywhere.

  1. Sio Green IR260 POU

This tankless device is a great one that can be accommodated in any part of the house hold. The size is a unique one and is easy to be installed. The unique thing about this device is the “Far-infrared technology”. There is no presence of any metallic substances. They are specially made out of Quartz. This allows the water to get easily heated up in the chambers. This is a positive one because it will not allow the corrosion of the surfaces and hence there is a lesser chance of the rusty water. The power can be adjusted manually. The temperature regulation is also super easy.

  1. Rheem RTE-18

This is quite a simple and a reliable electric water tankless heater. They are too good in their functionality and also the durability. The design aspect is simple and easy to be handled by the user. The amount of the water flowing is about 7 gallons per minute. The LED display can give the perfect reading of what is the temperature being used. The replacement and the servicing are quite easy.

Though there are many other devices that have good market values, the above ones are the most demanded ones by the customers.


There are both the positive as well as the dark sides of such heaters. Some of the positive sides are as follows:

  1. The heaters have a high capacity.
  2. The parts are easily replaceable
  3. The installation of the devices is quite easy.
  4. They are too capable of regulating the water even at the lowest temperatures.
  5. The devices mostly come in a self-modulating version
  6. The temperature display is done in a digital manner which is easy to use.
  7. Some of the heaters does not require the venting system as well
  8. The devices are too efficient in the power usage and hence are too advantageous.

Some of the dark sides are as follows:

  1. Some of the devices are not good for areas where the inlet temperatures go below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. The power requirements are sometimes too high for certain heaters.
  3. Sometimes the GPM outputs prove to be quite low in the case of larger households.
  4. Not all the heaters are recommended for showers

In spite of the disadvantages, the advantages are so great that they can be easily used for solving a variety of household purposes.


Installation of the natural gas supply is not possible at every place. So, there is a requirement of such devices that can be easily regulated by the electrical supply. Though electric supply may prove to be more power consuming, yet they prove to be a better option with respect to the pipeline building for carrying the gas. So, these are super easy to be used. One may take this up to keep him super cozy throughout the winters.