How to Make Set up for an Outdoor Music Festival Simple

If you are setting up stages and other items for a music festival, then you must make things simpler so that the process is completed quickly. Follow these steps to have an easier time with preparing for your fun outdoor music festival.

Get Your Local Government Permits

In order to have a music festival for the public, you must have local government permits. First, you must have a document that describes your event so that you can apply for the permit. Some of the information required for the permit will include the date of the event, how many individuals will attend and where the attendees can park their vehicles. You will need a map that shows where the event will take place along with how you are planning for emergencies such as a fire or accident.

Create a Diagram of the Music Festival Location

You will want to have a diagram of the music festival location that shows where you want the stage, chairs and aisles located. In addition, you may want a separate area where there are portable restrooms or food concession stands. In order to have food concession stands and portable restrooms, you will also need portable sinks for hand sanitation. To set up these items, you must also follow local health and sanitation regulations. If you aren’t following the correct regulations, then you won’t receive a musical festival permit.

Rent Chairs for the Music Festival Attendees

While some individuals who attend a concert don’t mind standing during the event, it is better to have a lot of chairs for people who want to sit. Some companies, like Party People Rentals & Sales, know that your permit will tell you the maximum number of allowable attendees, so this will help you decide how many chairs to rent for the music festival. Setting up a lot of chairs can take a long time, so it is better to have the rental company’s employees bring the items to the music festival, and you can have them unfold the chairs.

Prepare the Parking Area for Attendees

The individuals who are attending your music festival will probably have vehicles to park, so you should have an area that is designated for parking. It is a good idea to have signs that direct the drivers to the parking locations along with additional signs that tell people where the music festival is located. If there is a lot of traffic at your music festival, then you may need parking lot attendants or security personnel to help with the parking lot.

Begin to advertise your music festival by placing information in local newspapers or talking about the event on the radio. You will want to make it easier for someone to buy a ticket by making this item available at certain locations or at an online website.