RGF – “Spanish Orange”

RGF America is one band that delivered with its latest release, Spanish Orange. Hearing those words, you would probably think of a soft country song like Blake Shelton’s Sangria. However, as a fan of alternative rock, I was glad that that was not the case.

Spanish Orange is a roller-coaster mix of emotions, vocals and instrumentals all brought together to create a charged, song that seems surprisingly long for its 3:14 time allotment. It takes me back to the ‘70s and ‘80s, when hard and metallic rock were the best forms of music on the market. And it delivers on every count.



Are you a music fan who is into classic rock? Then you’ll love the bass and guitar instrumentals in this track. The song opens up with a crescendo, making you ride through the first minute immersing yourself in sound. Unlike many alternative rock bands, RGF America uses few words in this track, instead getting their message through with the almost violent beats. In fact, the words are so few I found myself singing “I want you to know this/ I want you to see/ I want you to hold this/ I want you to make-believe” with the lead singer the second time I listened to it.

Immersive. Turbulent. Grating. Soulful. These are the first words that came to mind when I listened to Spanish Orange. I would recommend this song to anyone who is not afraid of a little hard music. In fact, this track reminds me of Faint by Linkin Park. It’s a raw song, full of pent-up emotion, demands and glorious instrumentation. There’s also the bonus that Spanish Orange might just be the song to get RGF America one step closer to a bigger fandom. Prepare for a long ride if you’ve not yet listened to this song.


Leslie Graham