The Sandboys – ‘Glitches, Imperfections & Glorious Quirks’

Delivered with an intimacy and tremendous twee pop energy, the Sandboys crafts a timeless classic with the lovely “Glitches, Imperfections & Glorious Quirks”. Playful to its very core, the instrumentation that defines the entirety of the EP has an eclectic, colorful quality. Nothing ever feels too rushed, for the Sandboys ensure that their melodies are fully formed and realized. Hard to precisely pin down, their songs feel akin to portraits of those who are simply trying to strive in their lives. Hope and optimism help to bring these many elements together, for their singing has a poetic quality.

By far the highlight of the EP comes early, with the opener “Wish For The Best”. Drawing from jazz, big band, pop, and even a little bit of theatrics, “Wish For The Best” feels communal, with the whole group coming into view quite majestically. A little bit of rural folk rhythms come into the fray on the beautiful blurs of “Drive You On”. Things slow down to a tropical groove on the bright and airy vibes of “Count Me In” whose glistening keyboards simply stun, alongside the fervent fanfare. Moving a little more into a rock-based flavor is “Like I Used To Be”. Atmospherics take hold on the reflective “Path Of Least Resistance”. Neatly bringing everything to a close is the celebratory “More Than Enough”.

“Glitches, Imperfections & Glorious Quirks” reveals the Sandboys’ incredible talent, nimbly bringing together so many different styles into a kaleidoscopic, joyous whole.

By Nancy Johnson