MARG – ‘The Voices’

With the soft undertones of skilled guitar play, mixed with the edgy tones of pop style music, MARG is a new player in the world of music worth paying attention to. Her new album, “The Voices” consists of 10 tracks that encompass the very heart of love itself.

Not afraid to make an impact with her lyrics, MARG’s songs carry some heart shattering messages of love and loss. Reminiscent of voices such as Adele, and other pop singers with unique and beautiful vocals, MARG is refreshingly original without being boring. Her songs are on the short side, with songs averaging about two minutes in length, but tell a complete story that leave you with something to think about after you have listened to it.

MARG is the stage name for Margarita Landry. An immigrant from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she now lives in the USA and has dedicated her life to the music she is so passionate about. Her album, “The Voices” is the result of years of crafting her voice and musical knowledge.

At 20 years old, she is very young to have such a rich and cultivated voice, and is refreshingly good at singing in an age where music seems to be mostly how well you can jiggle to a beat.

If you are looking for a new voice in music, you may enjoy listening to “The Voices.” All of the tracks are beautifully written and enjoyable. The only flaw in their work is that some of them are really too short, to the point of not feeling complete. While this appears to be intentional by the artist, it did not work for me when reviewing the music. I would have liked a bit longer of a song in some cases, and I also thought background singers would add a nice accent in a few of the songs as well. MARG appears to prefer keeping the work her own, and while that is nice and unique on its own, more variation can be a good thing as well.

MARG is still a new player in the world of music, and it will be both interesting and delightful to see how she develops. Her song writing started at just 13 years of age, and she learned how to play the guitar on her own at just 16. For someone with such an incredible skill at music, it is hard to believe she has only been playing that particular instrument for just 4 years.

In summary, MARG is one to watch, and well worth a listen. One of her tracks, “Tropical Marijuana” is available as a music video on youtube. If you’re curious, you can take a look there and see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

I’m looking forward to hearing future CDs by MARG, and hope that her music will continue to develop in a good way. With such raw talent, she is destined to hit it big, and hopefully you’ll be hearing more of voices like hers on the radio soon.

A.M. Kuska