Deep C Divers – ‘Making Waves’

The Boston-based rock band Deep C Divers is back again with their new music album, ”Making Waves” that would certainly bring a smile on the music stickler’s face. In such an industry where the trend is going with mixing one music genre to other and gimmicks, Deep C divers are serving pure rock music on the platter, flourished with integrity and melody, keeping the traditional ethics of rock music intact. In the lyrical artistry and the musical craftsmanship of ”Making Waves”, the chemistry that plays between the members of the band is clearly visible. The album contains eight soundtracks; the audience can take the glimpse of this chemistry from all these tracks.

From ”Straight From The Heart”, ”Smile For Better Days”, to ”Be My Friend”, the audience can take a plunge into something smooth, funky yet organic form of music in ”Making Waves”. An interesting, awe-inspiring, and uplifting thread runs through all the songs from the album; the music and lyrics are different, but they have something common in them. And the common aspects are the jovial mood, heart-touching melody, energy, and the passion that the members of Deep C Divers have showered in their songs. It seems like this highly talented rock band, have put all their novelty idea, soul, and passion, skill into this single album, to make it great and timeless. Deep C divers have selected the wonder ingredients of music, like rock, pop, funk, reggae, etc. to blend them proportionately with a few drops of Eastern influence. This fine blending has turned out to be the perfect recipe for the ear-soothing sound that has the potential to call for the pure soul of 60s’ and 70s’.

Among all the soundtracks, ”Sunshine”, ” Feel The Light”, ”Smile For The Better Days” catches the spotlight the most, predominantly for summoning the positive energy that overflows a heart with melody. The bold organic flavor of music, flirting with pop, folk, country and classic rock, have made the songs special among others. ”Making Wave” holds the true and flawless combination of human emotion, smiling, and melody. The beat, rhythm, energy that flows within ”Making Waves”, is exactly what the magic lies in the creation of ”Deep C divers”. The joyous tune of keyboards and guitar, the drums, bass, and also the vibrant and dashing vocals of Deep Chinappa will start to grow on the mind of the audience as soon as they plug in ”Making Waves”. One cannot help but find himself captivated under the influence of the confident beat, and the rhythm.

”Making Waves” is the panacea for the bad mood or the dead mind, heart-broken soul. Whenever one feels the alone and desolate world, this album can bring the rainbow to the grief-drifted mind. This newly released ”Making Waves” of Deep C Divers is the perfect sonic bliss that will make your heart dance or bounce for 35 minutes and 19 seconds. Each second of this 35 minutes will burst your ears with rapturous sound waves, make you feel like walking on the moon.

– James Smith