Concert Catastrophe: What to Do When Injured in a Mosh Pit

You may see a mosh pit as the cool place to be at a concert, but it is also one of the most dangerous places to enjoy music. It is a place where people intentionally bump into each other, and in particularly energetic mosh pits, people may even run at each other or body slam each other. Crowd surfing is also popular. If you are injured while you are in a mosh pit, you must take immediate steps to limit your injury and get help quickly.

Get Away from the Crowd

If you do not want to be part of the mosh pit, immediately move to the side or the back of the crowd. Your best bet is to move away from the area directly in front of the musicians. This is particularly true if you are injured because emergency medical personnel are always located towards the side of the crowd. If you are stuck in the middle of the mosh pit, try crowd-surfing your way off to the side.

Never Retaliate

Retaliation only makes things worse and is highly likely to get you more injured than you already were. When you retaliate against the person who hurt you, you have the ability to make the entire crowd violent and to be the source of even more injuries. Always be respectful.

Realize that Injuries Are Common in Mosh Pits

Because of the somewhat explosive nature of any type of mosh pit, injuries are incredibly common. While most people suffer only mild injuries, there have been several cases of catastrophic injuries and even death. In fact, around 10,000 individuals have likely been injured in the past decade in mosh pits.

Seek Immediate Emergency Medical Care

Never neglect caring for your injuries right away. Even if you feel only mild pain, you may be furthering your injury by continuing to stay on your feet inside a physically exuberant area. Medical personnel are nearby at nearly any major concert and can immediately check you over to determine if you need further care or if you can safely stay at the concert.

In general, most people try to be respectful while they are having fun in a mosh pit. Most people do not intentionally set out to injure others, but it is still possible to suffer sprains, broken bones, bruises, a bloodied nose or even a concussion in a particularly vivacious mosh pit. With quick thinking and immediate medical care, you can avoid long-lasting injuries that could significantly alter your health and wellness.