10 Reasons to Become a Nurse

If it’s time to decide on careers, then you’ve got a major task ahead of you. Picking a profession, especially if you’re just finishing high school, can be a colossal decision. You may, however, have narrowed it down somewhat. If you’ve got a list of top priorities, and they include, “Careers that Help People,” “Medical Careers,” or “Careers that Never Get Boring,” then nursing might be perfect for you. Without further ado, here are 10 reasons to become a nurse.

Your Career Path Is Flexible

As a nurse, you can work in a variety of different areas. ER? Pediatric care? Surgery? Labor and Delivery? With your degree in nursing, you can still choose between very different, very valuable careers. You might work at the Neighborhood Health Center of the Portland, OR area, or you might work the ER night shift in New York.

Your Shift is Flexible

Nurses don’t have to work 8 to 5. If you’d rather sleep in and enjoy the first part of your day, you can take a night shift instead. Plus nurses can work three out of seven days and still be considered part time.

You’re Always in Demand

Basically, you’ll never be unemployed. A nurse is always in demand, and it’s especially easy for nurses to switch jobs at a moment’s notice. Need to move? You’re basically assured of getting a job wherever you relocate to.

You’re Hired into a Community

People who do hard things together often bond. You won’t be chatting with coworkers over insurance sales–you’ll be saving lives together. That kind of reality helps forge real relationships with real people.

Your Job Is Always Interesting

You won’t be sitting behind a desk, getting bored. As a nurse, you’ll likely get adrenaline rushes on a daily basis. You won’t have to worry about an unfulfilling career, because nursing is always interesting.

Your Education Was Worth It

Nurses make a good wage. Unlike some careers, where you spend almost a decade in school and don’t make much money, a nurse’s education always pays off. Plus, you can take advantage of accredited online nursing programs and learn more easily.

You Know How to Make Medical Decisions

Most people have to choose their doctor of surgeon without inside knowledge. As a nurse, you’d know the inside scoop. You’d know which doctors to trust and which ones to avoid.

You Comfort People Who Really Need It

If you work in hospice or the ER, you’re surrounded by family and friends who desperately need some encouragement. Every patient, as well, is struggling with a tough life moment. You can be there for them to provide a sense of security and encouragement.

You See Amazing Things

If you work in Labor and Delivery, you get to see the miracle of life every week. Even nurses who work in challenging areas like surgery and ER witness amazing turnarounds and next to impossible operations being performed successfully.

You Save Lives

Probably the coolest thing about being a nurse–you save lives. While you might not be saving a life right that second as a Pediatric Nurse, you still directly contribute to a healthy live and a better future. No doubt about it, nurses make the world a better place.