Tennis is one of the most popular games for ages. It is a highly appreciated game especially among the people who love to spend short and sweet hours every day with this lovely game. The enjoyment of the game can only be felt when it provides comfort to the player. A good player shall never like to play with a racquet that is uncomfortable to play. So, it is best to go with racquets that have a perfect balance point and awesome string tension. So, if you are interested in the game but are afraid about how to handle the game, here are some awesome tips with a list of the best racquets that will make you enjoy the game.


There are many racquets available in the market and it is not at all an easy task to really choose one that would fit some beginner stage. Unless one has a good prior knowledge about the racquets, it is not easy to judge. So, let me introduce tosome of the best tennis racquets for beginners.

Every manufacturer tries to manufacture their products in such a way that the racquet can be the final choice for the customer. But, it is the customer who needs to decide with which he can be compatible. So, take time to think over and over again before purchasing a racquet to play the game with excellence.

Here is a list of the best tennis racquet for beginners to try:


This is the top model which is best in our choice. This tennis racquet offers a lot of control over the game. The racquet is found to be quite handy for the beginners. Not just for them, this is also a perfect one for the intermediary players as well. The noteworthy features are mentioned below:

The racquet is aerodynamic in shape and serves the best for groundstroke.

The head size is 100 square inches, length is 27 inches, weight is 11.2 ounces, balance is “head light” and the material composing the racquet is graphite.

There is a spot which is the perfect one to provide a better grip for the player and even allows a better penetration through the tennis ball.

The design aspect of the bat is a very good one which actually makes the task possible.

Head Ti S6

This racquet is second on the list,especially for the beginners. A unique feature is its perfect grip which allows the player to control the game with excellence.The noteworthy features are mentioned below:

The racquet length is quite long in comparison to others and the length is 27.75”.

The head size is a large one and it is quite easy to be handled, so, if you are expecting to purchase a racket that is durable yet light in weight, this is the perfect one.

The head size is about 115 square inches, the weight is about 8.9 ounces, the balance is given by the heavy head and the material composition is either Graphite or Titanium.

This is the best racquet which gives the player a good control during groundstroke.

The strings are extremely strong to handle the ball spinning and hitting the racquet at heavy speed.

Head MicroGELRacquet

It is often reviewed by the beginners this racquet provides decent power in handling. The player can have a great control over the match using this racquet. This racquet has some exclusive features that truly make it a perfect one. The features are the following:

The racquet comes in a 98 square inch size at the head.

The stick is an awesome one which provides a good control.

The design aspect is quite simple and is the most popular one among women.

The racquet is the best choice if you want to have an initial knowledge of the game.

The length is exactly 27 inches, weight is 11 ounces, the balance is provided by the head and the material composition is either Microgel or Graphite.

The racquet is a great one if you need a recreation or a serious match.

Wilson hyper 5.3 OS

This model has been specially made with a sole objective to train the players from a lower level. The framework of the racquet is a very good one to control the game.The best features which make it a perfect one are:

The head is oversized of about 110 square inches which helps control the ball in a precise manner.

The length is about 27.5 inches, weight is 9 ounces, the balance is usually provided by the head region and the composition f the racquet stick is usually hyper Carbon or Graphite.

The head has a good control over the ball no matter at what speed it is coming.

Wilson Tour Racket

This is the fifth best commodity. This can be a very good option for players who lack any knowledge about the game at all. Let me introduce to you some of its features which make it a perfect one.

The head region is oversized and the strings are too strong to make it last for a longer span. So, the beginners find a very good and enjoyable time with the game.

The head size is about 112 square inches, the length is 27.5 inches, the weight I 10.4 ounces and the material composition is Graphite.

All the racquets that have been discussed above are the top ones based on their property which will never make you feel that you are a mere beginner. The racquets can prove to be the best by proving your excellence in the sporting arena with time.


When you are a beginner, you need to choose a racquet which will be easy in its design, aspect as well as comfortable to be held by the hand, and can give you a protection against the fast spinning tennis ball. For this, you need to follow certain criteria before purchasing it:


In general, heavyweightsare used to provide the player a better grip in order to hit back the ball.

Though heavier rackets provide better power, as a beginner, the expectations must go with the light ones at the beginning.

Weight of head

There are three categories of racquets based on the heaviness of the head. The racquets with heavy heads are a better option for experienced payers making the weight of the ball to get distributed equally on the surface.

Light head racquets are easier to mind the ball for the beginners.

The even balance racquets are those which have a concentration point midway to the center of the racquet.


You must never go for racquets that cost too low. The best racquets have a minimum range of $70-$200.

The cost has a direct connection to the game. A costly racquet provides an exceptionally good grip, best quality material as well as durability.

Head size

The best head size can be within the range 80-130 square inches for a beginner. He or she must not go for larger head sizes because it is not advisable for a beginner.

There is no strong point behind the popular saying that “the bigger the head size the better is the sweet spot”. The fact is that it entirely depends upon how compatible the player is with the racquet.


The game needs to have a very beautiful start to keep the player encouraged about the sport. So, the racquets that are suggested above can be assured to be the perfect ones for the players who are mere beginners. It does not mean that one should not aim for the best. Every perfect thing in the world requires some time & practice to attain perfection. So, does tennis. Learn well and have a great control over the game with these awesome racquets.