What equipment do you need to start making electronic music?

If you are a big fan of music then you have definitely thought of making music either in a studio or back at home. Good sound quality music requires a lot of work in the equipment and accessories research department. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can’t go wrong with this essential list of items that you need to make electronic music. They include:

  • A laptop. In this digital world, for the best quality sound in electronic music, you need a good powerful laptop. The laptop should have a high processor to avoid lagging when producing music. The RAM also needs to be high because it will be handling a lot of plugins. Go for a laptop with a processor of core i5 and above and a RAM of 8 GB and above for quality work.
  • Digital audio workstation. This is software that you will use to record and edit music on your laptop. The software may also be used in mixing. They range in size and cost depending on the quality of production. Some of them come in audio interfaces that could be good when working on a tight budget.
  • Audio interface. This is crucial equipment in making electronic music as it connects the laptop to the other recording devices. The type of interface you need is highly dictated by the number of equipment you want to connect because they vary in size and cost considering the number of ports for connection. When choosing an interface, also consider the type of connection for compatibility with other equipment.
  • Powered Studio monitor speakers. These speakers are different from other regular speakers in that, they do not require an amp to function and they have a flat frequency response setup that allows you to listen to your music as it is, in order to adjust and edit accordingly.
  • MIDI keyboard controller. This is an inputting piano in sound production that allows you and exposes you to many settings with which you attain high-quality music sound. In addition, it is very easy to use the midi keyboard as a controller making your work easier.
  • Recording microphone. For an awesome recording experience, you need to have a good microphone. The microphone differs in frequency and for recording purposes, a condenser microphone is preferred over the dynamic microphone. They produce clear natural audio with the ability to capture a wide frequency.
  • Headphones. The importance of having headphones in your studio is to concentrate more on your music while editing especially if you are in a noisy neighborhood. For this reason, closed back headphones are preferred over open back headphones as they are good in isolation.
  • Accessories. With all the above equipment, making electronic music would only start if you have the following accessories; cables for connection stands to hold the microphones and studio monitors and racks to keep your things in an organized manner.

Making electronic music has now been made easier. Do more research before you do your purchase and also remember to work according to your budget. For those that have passion in pursuing music, this is a starter pack that will help you grow.