MARG – “Tropical Marijuana”

With such mesmerizing vocal combined with dreamy music, Margarita or MARG is initially known for her remarkable and numerous video covers on YouTube, by such artists like Halsey, Troye Sivan, and Melanie Martinez. With launching her new original music album, ”The Voices”, MARG, is all set to shake the world by the storm of her compelling storytelling capability and unique indie pop style. It is a full-length album, navigated with the smooth, compelling, and dreamlike vocal chords of MARG.

Among all the soundtracks, ”Tropical Marijuana”, grabs the attention of the audience is the gorgeous composition of indie pop. Under the cover of indie pop music style, MARG has delivered a hazy, dreamy, ear-soothing, and smooth flow of sound and lyrics.

An artistic creativity of an artist should be fed upon the artist’s creative and innovative mind. And this is pretty much clear in ”Tropical Marijuana”. A detailed story-telling with an acoustic cover feels like the evolutionary creation of MARG. the song moves with a dreamy yet happy-go-lucky mood, providing a great sound effect, overall.

The smooth and easy-going vocal of MARG feels great to listen, not too high, not too, low. It is not like that her voice is not following the higher note, but she does it with so excellence and smoothness, that her struggle is unnoticeable.

In terms of the lyrical presentation of this song, MARG has successfully created a dreamlike vibe by her compelling story-telling potential. ”Tropical Marijuana” expresses a relationship between a plant substance, although, the instrumental expression gives an impression of a physical being. The title of the song may seem to trigger the weed joke and parody, as the song goes on, none can see MARG is joking with weed, not from a single corner of the song.

In fact, the song celebrates a lonesome tone and emotion, all along. And it is evident in such lines like, “I just keep you ‘round in case I get lonely, and I’m feeling lonely tonight.” It feels like MARG is intentionally pushing the song to the end.

The lyrics, sound, music, beats, of ”Tropical Marijuana”, are great. But, the video of this song may seem like a little strange and odd to the audience. It shows that the artist is moving around different streets, taking off her clothes slowly, one by one.

There’s no a strong-built, real story based video; a music video doesn’t need to have one. The quality of the video is very good, and despite being a little odd, the music video is quite enjoyable.

”Tropical Marijuana” is like digging out the water from the oasis, peeling off the voice quality and lyrical creativity of MARG, one by one. Once you get blended with the song, it will feel like it is bewitching on you. The setting sun, an oasis, and you are searching for the water in the warm sand of oasis. The song will fresh up your mind with the gentle cooling breeze. It is a great song of MARG, and you should listen to it.

9.5/10 Stars

– Hope Smith